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God bless America

This year the Fourth of July landed on Sunday.  This is fitting since we say God bless America. 

I asked a few people how God blesses America.  I had some interesting feedback.  As I suspected, the view was that God blesses us because He has chosen us and because we support Israel. 

I think as Christians there are some things we should consider.  One thing that should be thought about is that God blesses the world and not just America.  I know that I am sounding less than patriotic.  I love America!  John 3:16-17 tells me that God blesses more than America. 

Yes, America is chosen, but God has chosen the world to be His too.  So what makes America special?  It is the way that God blesses America.  He uses His Church.  That’s right.  As unpopular the Christian Church is right now, in the West, God uses His people to bless others wherever they may be geographically. 

Another issue that should be understood in a better light, and I realize that there are other theological views, is that God doesn’t bless America because we protect Israel.  We should be allies with Israel, but God doesn’t need us for this.  We need Him to protect us.  We haven’t brokered a deal with God as we tend to think sometimes. 

Here is what we Christians need to ponder.  Do we continue to serve God through our patriotism?  Or, do we serve Him through humility?  In the OT, I am as always taken back when I consider that Israel combined patriotism to their country with Temple worship as a way that made them distinct from other nations.  Yet, in Nehemiah and Ezra, they were challenged to observe the Law to become distinct from other nations.  After all, they did not have borders during this time.   

Amazingly, churches likely preached sermons about how bad our nation has gotten all over this last Sunday.  I can hear it now, “God will no longer bless our country because of homosexuality and the fact that prayer has been taken out of school.  God is also mad that other gods are being worshipped and tolerated.  He is mad because we have publishers printing of the a different Bible version than the KJV.  Therefore, He is going to punish America.”

Now, I am being a little harsh and I know it.  Nevertheless, is God not concerned with the state that the American Church has gotten to? How many church attendees all over are focusing material things that they can get their hands on instead of making disciples?  How many even attend their churches on a regular basis?  How many give to God others who have need?  How many are practicing sexual immorality?  How many are judging others on a regular basis? How many church attendees are striving to overcome sin?

So the threats that God is going to judge America if our political leaders don’t enact laws and mottos that say we support God may not need to be focused on.  It would appear that God might have a beef with Christians because they are no longer willing to live for Him so that our country can be blessed. 

These are some of the thoughts that I had this last week of the Fourth.  Church signs everywhere talking about our God-given freedom and the threat that God may judge America because those who have not known Jesus are sinning.  Maybe it is time the Church stood up and accepted her responsibility that God has given her.  This is what makes us (Christians) distinct from those who lost in the world.



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Green Zone movie

I rented the Green Zone movie tonight.  It was terrible.  If you are a conspiracist, or very liberal in your politics, then this movie is for you.  President Bush has been out of office since January 2008.  Yet, he continues to be beat up in the press, and in this case, Hollywood. 

In this movie, we learned that America is the bad country and cannot be trusted.  There at least four types of Americans in this movie.  One group just wants to do what they are told and go home.  These are those who are indifferent to what is happening. Another group wants the truth.  This is Matt Damon’s character.  He knows that something is wrong with the intel for Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Another group is trying to hide the truth.  This group is the White House led group.  Another group is full of people, like a news reporter, who were tricked by the White House, and now are disoriented in what to believe or think. 

I won’t give the plot away completely away, besides I took it out before the end for mercy reasons, but if you want to know what the point was, then you need to look at any left leaning political web site that blames President Bush for everything. 

I usually enjoy watching Matt Damon in his movies, but this movie had a political agenda.  Frankly,  I love my country.  I believe Iraq has a better future with Saddam out of the way.  Now, the people of Iraq can ultimately choose to return power to another dictator, but they should have a better chance now.  This is all I have to say about that.

I say this movie is nothing but talking points from those who were against President Bush and the Republicans of that time.  Therefore, I give this movie a thumbs down.  If you must see it wait for it to drop to $5 at Wal-Mart later.


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My problem with healthcare

The biggest problem that I have with healthcare at this point is that our government did not listen to the majority of the American people.  This is really dangerous in my opinion.  Whether or not this bill is good or bad, the bottom-line is that most of America did not want this.  Leadership that is for the people is not supposed to place undo stress and fear on most of the people.

It is obvious that our government, the Democrats, believe they are doing what is best.  Yet, last time I checked, the only one that we can trust to do what is best when we are so uncomfortable is God.  He is infallible while those humans are fallible who are running our country.

This is not the only time that our government has refused to yield to the people.  The majority of America does not want to pay for abortions, nor do we want to legalize abortion.  Yet, this has been legal since the early ’70’s.  The majority wants marriage defined between a man and a woman.  Yet, this could be changed soon.

I watched Nancy Pelosi walk into the Capital Building with her huge gavel and a big smile on her face.  She made this walk before untold thousands who were protesting against the Healthcare Bill.  These protesters represented most of America.  It seemed to me that this was here way of showing us the hammer before she used it.

Pelosi would do well to remember that she is not teaching us a lesson about who is in charge.  She is supposed to be a servant of the people.

President Obama said in his victory speech after the vote, that this is still a government by the people, for the people, which serves the people.  Did he not see the polls that were consistently against this bill?  Then, how could he say that without guilt?

My ultimate problem now is whether or not we have a government that actually listens to us.  I find that a government that fundamentally changed America, when most people were against it, is very uncomfortable to me.  There will be new taxes on the middle-class.  There has to be because we are the majority.

Do you feel good that the majority of America was not listened too?  It doesn’t matter to me what your political party is.  In my mind, liberals and conservatives should agree that the government is supposed to listen to the majority of the people.

These are my personal views and do not represent the views of The Wesleyan Church, or Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church.


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Titles and foolishness

Senator Barbara Boxer recently held her crown high while talking to Brigadier General Walsh.  Here is the video.  She asked that General Walsh call her Senator instead of Ma-am during a hearing.  She explained that she worked very hard to get that title.  I would have been satisfied to know that she worked very hard to have the opportunity to “serve” her state in Washington DC.  I would suggest that Sen. Boxer realize that the General also worked very hard for his title too.  As a matter of fact, some might say that is a more noble title than Senator considering the lack of faith in politics today. 

I have the title of Pastor and Reverend.  Yet, I don’t expect people to call me Reverend or Pastor Scott.  I don’t expect people to call me Mr. either.  Many times I have told people to simply call me Scott.  I do not consider myself above anyone else.  By the way, I have worked very hard for my title too.  As a matter of fact, I came from outside into this role as a first generation Christian in my family by working at very small churches.  My wife and I have raised 2 children while serving at two different churches carrying 3 jobs a piece plus studying for ordination.  Later, I added to my ordination by receiving my Bachelor’s Degree while pastoring and working part-time jobs.  Yet, again, I do not expect anyone to call me Reverend or Pastor.  I, too, like Sen. Boxer am in a role of service.  Yet, the difference may be that I don’t think of myself as being something greater than I actually am.  That exchange between her and the General really left a bad taste in my mouth because I took her to be someone who is uppity and out of touch with us “common people.” 

Respect is earned and not given.  To expect otherwise is foolish.  And by the way, I think that the General did show her respect when he said Ma-am.  I would have addressed her that way too, and would address a male Senator as Sir out of respect.

What is more frustrating this week is that a Republican Senator admitted to having an affair.  This is upsetting because his country needs him.  We needed him to set the example by considering family important.  What is more, Senator Ensign was involved in Promise Keepers and other ministries.  This goes to show that action must accompany belief.  This is one of the most crucial times for our country when you consider the dangers we face abroad and the pitiful economy at home.  We need our best people to deal with these issues with their undivided attention. 

It was maddening to hear that the person he was involved with was also married and was promoted by the Senator and had her salary doubled recently.  It makes you fear that looks and sex have turned out to be the qualifications to gain a higher place of influence with our government officials.  I would rather, during these tough times, rely upon someone’s mental resume instead of their physical attributes for help and advice on putting legitimate ideas into the arena for solving America’s crisis’.  

I do applaud the Senator’s wife for her willingness to work through this situation and her committment to reconciliation.  My hat is off to her!  My prayers are with them too. 

Sen. Boxer and Sen. Ensign should remember two things.  How to gain influence, and how to properly handle influence.  These are two people who need to remember that great responsibility comes with leadership.  Both should use it wisely to serve our country instead of themselves.

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Politics and Baseball

It is beyond me how Americans have come to a place in history where we hold our professional athletes to a higher standard than our politicians.  For example, Manny Ramirez, one of the greatest baseball players I have seen to date was caught using a fertility substance that is banned by Major League Baseball.  So now he has been banned for 50 games

My goal is not to defend Manny.  Instead, I have a problem with the way we Americans want to be disgusted by this type of abuse from an MLB player, but not as outraged when The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, seems to be lying to the American people about her knowledge of the government water-boarding accused terrorists.  Whether or not she is telling the truth is a different issue than Manny using a performance enhancer.  But there seems to be enough confusion about what she really knew that we should put her and all involved under oath to see if she is being straight with us. 

We have had other professional athletes testify before congress about the abuse of steroids.  This is what is so mind numbing about our country today.  How can the issue of doping in professional baseball be more important enough that players should testify before congress, or Ramirez being encouraged to sit out of an all star game as a form of repentance, than finding out if The Speaker of the House is telling the truth.  If she is, than let’s find out so that Americans can know that we have a trustworthy person in that office.


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Support for any American President

I have written about supporting American Presidents before.  I have also shared with many that I was raised to love our country and support our leaders.  What is great about this country is that we can say what is on our minds.  I cherish that right. 

Those of us who are Christians, and live in America, have citizenship in Heaven and this country.  Both should be considered privileges.  I just went the CNN web site to vote on their daily poll today.  This poll asked whether or not the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at our President was an outlaw or a hero.  At the time of this post 81,347 had voted.  33,920 of these voted that this journalist was a hero.  This means that 42% of those who voted thought it was great. 

People let me just say that if these were all Americans, who were born in this country, this is ridiculous.  I believe that those who were not born here, but are Americans now legally, would not feel this way.  At least many of them would not.  Likely, they are here because they know what living under someone who really is bad feels like. 

Whether or not you agree with the wars that we are fighting, you should still support the President in a way that shows respect for the office.  President Bush stood up to terrorism and I am glad for it.  There were things that he did and did not do that I did not like.  But I stood behind him. 

Now, President Obama has the office.  There are issues that he and I are on opposite sides about.  But, trust me, if someone threw something at him in the same manner that the Iraqi journalist did, I would not consider that person a hero.  I would be upset! 

Our President is the face of this great nation.  If you, as an American citizen, are applauding such moronic actions, then you are irresponsible about who and what you give your respect to. 

If you, as a Christian, are applauding that type of disrespect to a leader that God placed over us, then you better check your spiritual pulse.  I have seen a lot of Christians endorse what happened as a great act that somebody needed to do.  Yet, ignore whether or not human life is worthy of defending.  Further, these will ignore the Bible’s stance about the act of same-sex fornication being a sin.  Evidently, once we throw these biblical issues aside, many are capable of ignoring the biblical point of view about submitting and respecting our leaders. 

I think that if you are Christian who takes part in this type of foolishness that you should be ashamed of your witness.  Where does Jesus laugh about this type of dastardly act in the Bible?  I think that is fine to disagree with policies that our Presidents have, but when we h0pe for, or are glad for, bad things that happen to them, then you have crossed a moral line as a Christian.

If you are an American that hopes for, or is glad for, bad things that happen to our Presidents, then you should try to find some level-headed ground to stand on. 

Why don’t we all support our Presidents?  Yet, still exercise the right to disagree with them intelligently.  Here is the link with the story.

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Say What?

I watched the President at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.  I don’t know how serious he will take people who are praying for him.  Nevertheless, I still I believe that it is important for Christians to pray for their leaders.  God really can persuade our President to what is right. 

Here is a a link for the White House press release.  Below the President outlined areas that The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will focus on:

  • It will be one voice among several in the administration that will look at how we support women and children, address teenage pregnancy, and reduce the need for abortion.
  • The Office will strive to support fathers who stand by their families, which involves working to get young men off the streets and into well-paying jobs, and encouraging responsible fatherhood.
  • The first problem that I have, and you knew that I must have one, is the wording of this press release.  It is tiring that our elected officials and those who are pro-choice continue to refer to abortion as a “need.”  This is what always makes me sigh and groan, “SAY WHAT?”  With all of the government programs that are available to help unwed mothers, and couples who are married, I don’t see how there is a need.  Instead, it is exactly what those in the pro-choice movement fight for, a choice. 

    What is the goal for addressing teenage pregnancy?  I can hear it now.  “Okay girls, planned parenthood would like to demonstrate to you proper procedures for protecting yourselves.  Since you obviously must know that we don’t believe that you could actually abstain from sex.”  I know that I am sounding sarcastic.  However, I am tired of how our country does not believe in our children and teens.  We insist on labeling them and telling them that they do not have any self-control.  Therefore, do what feels good since it is not wrong because you can’t help it.  In other words, the generations who were before you were just better than you.   By the way, let me throw this in, in most cases teenagers do not even have to inform their parents that they are going to have an abortion.  “SAY WHAT?”

    How are we going to teach young fathers to stand by their families?  What have they been taught for since Roe v. Wade?  I’ll tell you, they have been shown how to flee responsibility.  Yeah, a “well-paying job” will keep someone from shirking their responsibility.  Sure.  Listen, responsibility is only develop by teaching responsibility instead of how to get out of it.  This usually starts with a sober mind, and by seeing people model responsibility.  Yet, when responsibility is erased because someone doesn’t feel like fulfilling it, then most people will always take the easy rode. 

    Those of you who really are people of faith here is what we need to take away from this.  I hope this office will be able to “reduce the ‘need’ for abortion.”  I would be crazy not to hope for something.  This is why it is important that you and I are praying for President and other leaders.  Nevertheless, I want to remind you that even though abortion is legal, you and I have the responsibility to share Christ with others.  Beware of putting your hope in Jay Sekulow.  He is a good man in a good fight.  But only Christ and His Church working together and guided by The Holy Spirit able to really fight the battle. 

    We need to move from being irritated about abortion to brokenhearted about it.  Are you really praying for your President?  Say what?

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