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Election 2012 Thoughts

My candidate lost.  Yes, my idea of what America should be like is not the popular view right now.  Why is that?  Well, I guess people have changed since I was a kid.  Somehow the values that I grew up with were not taught to new generations.  This is fine, because I still choose to live in America over any other country.

Why did I vote for Romney?  It wasn’t because I am a Christian.  In fact, I struggled to vote for him because he is a Mormon.  This means that he operates under the influence different from the Bible.  As a Christian that should have caused me not to vote for him alone.  After all, if we want a Theocracy his religion should have been taken into consideration.  A Theocracy is what many Christians want.  I’m not especially for that though because we’ve seen throughout history how that harms the people.  Soon enough the leader no longer listens to God and begins doing things his way.  The Theocracy will work when Jesus returns.

I voted for Romney because of his business skills.  I felt that he could reduce our deficit.  I did not necessarily vote for him because of his morals.  I think he is a good man, but I’m sure there is dirt somewhere on him just like there is on the rest of us.

It was annoying to watch so many Christians talk of Doomsday simply because President Obama was re-elected.  First of all, Christians cannot pull this card if they voted for someone who follows a different teaching.  Secondly, President Obama says that he is a Christian and was sworn into office with his hand on the Lincoln Bible.  Is he a fruitful Christian?  I don’t know.  The better question is whether or not those who proclaim Doomsday now are perfect Christians.  Unlikely.

It is appalling that so many people think that Obama is the AntiChrist.  Come on people.  If you believe that, then you need to re-evaluate who your teacher in the Scripture is.  There are 4 different interpretive options for the book of Revelation.  Here they are: The Preterist, or Contemporary-Historical view, The Historical view, The Futurist, or Eschatological view, and The Idealist, or Timeless Symbolic view.

It is ridiculous to think that God had Michael, Gabrielle, and His other angels lined up behind Jesus ready to come put an end to this sinful world simply because America re-elected Obama.  Shame on us for teaching those who do not know Jesus Christ that this is the type of God He is.  Nevertheless, it is true that the Lord will return soon.  After all, He said He would. But why would He return soon on account of this election?  There are children starving throughout the world.  If I was starving in another country, and Jesus came back because of the election, I would have to wonder what I was really worth to Him.

It is offensive to hear people call our President the Anti-Christ too.  He is nowhere near somebody like Nero.  In fact, there are many who act like anti-Christs in the world, and in the Church.  I see them when they get out of church and go to McDonald’s and mistreat the employees and other customers.  We see it on FB and in blogs.

As a pastor, I realize how important a relationship with Christ is.  In fact, I also see how important that relationship with Christ is to those who claim to have one.  Often, most people quoting Scriptures about this election are nominal in their faith and church attendance.  It is amazing that many voted against President Obama because he believes in different values openly instead of privately.  What I mean is that those sinful things, like abortion and homosexuality are practiced privately by many Christians.  In fact, many other forms of sexual immorality are practiced privately, but the Church doesn’t get in an uproar over those.

Christians should see this election as moment when secular society has truly rejected Christian influence.  Is it because Christians are trying to influence people politically instead of spiritually?  I think the case could be made.  Why did President Obama get re-elected?  Because the exit pollsters said that people felt like Obama cared about them personally.  Isn’t this how we used to witness about Jesus before we were political?

I think it is time for Christians quit spouting off Scriptures taken out of context and focus on building a relationship with those who do not feel connected with us and definitely are not united with us on values.  Side note; the government is caring for the poor because the Church isn’t.  Some are in the Church, but most are not.  Jesus called us to be Disciple-makers; not lobbyists.



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My problem with healthcare

The biggest problem that I have with healthcare at this point is that our government did not listen to the majority of the American people.  This is really dangerous in my opinion.  Whether or not this bill is good or bad, the bottom-line is that most of America did not want this.  Leadership that is for the people is not supposed to place undo stress and fear on most of the people.

It is obvious that our government, the Democrats, believe they are doing what is best.  Yet, last time I checked, the only one that we can trust to do what is best when we are so uncomfortable is God.  He is infallible while those humans are fallible who are running our country.

This is not the only time that our government has refused to yield to the people.  The majority of America does not want to pay for abortions, nor do we want to legalize abortion.  Yet, this has been legal since the early ’70’s.  The majority wants marriage defined between a man and a woman.  Yet, this could be changed soon.

I watched Nancy Pelosi walk into the Capital Building with her huge gavel and a big smile on her face.  She made this walk before untold thousands who were protesting against the Healthcare Bill.  These protesters represented most of America.  It seemed to me that this was here way of showing us the hammer before she used it.

Pelosi would do well to remember that she is not teaching us a lesson about who is in charge.  She is supposed to be a servant of the people.

President Obama said in his victory speech after the vote, that this is still a government by the people, for the people, which serves the people.  Did he not see the polls that were consistently against this bill?  Then, how could he say that without guilt?

My ultimate problem now is whether or not we have a government that actually listens to us.  I find that a government that fundamentally changed America, when most people were against it, is very uncomfortable to me.  There will be new taxes on the middle-class.  There has to be because we are the majority.

Do you feel good that the majority of America was not listened too?  It doesn’t matter to me what your political party is.  In my mind, liberals and conservatives should agree that the government is supposed to listen to the majority of the people.

These are my personal views and do not represent the views of The Wesleyan Church, or Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church.


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Support for any American President

I have written about supporting American Presidents before.  I have also shared with many that I was raised to love our country and support our leaders.  What is great about this country is that we can say what is on our minds.  I cherish that right. 

Those of us who are Christians, and live in America, have citizenship in Heaven and this country.  Both should be considered privileges.  I just went the CNN web site to vote on their daily poll today.  This poll asked whether or not the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at our President was an outlaw or a hero.  At the time of this post 81,347 had voted.  33,920 of these voted that this journalist was a hero.  This means that 42% of those who voted thought it was great. 

People let me just say that if these were all Americans, who were born in this country, this is ridiculous.  I believe that those who were not born here, but are Americans now legally, would not feel this way.  At least many of them would not.  Likely, they are here because they know what living under someone who really is bad feels like. 

Whether or not you agree with the wars that we are fighting, you should still support the President in a way that shows respect for the office.  President Bush stood up to terrorism and I am glad for it.  There were things that he did and did not do that I did not like.  But I stood behind him. 

Now, President Obama has the office.  There are issues that he and I are on opposite sides about.  But, trust me, if someone threw something at him in the same manner that the Iraqi journalist did, I would not consider that person a hero.  I would be upset! 

Our President is the face of this great nation.  If you, as an American citizen, are applauding such moronic actions, then you are irresponsible about who and what you give your respect to. 

If you, as a Christian, are applauding that type of disrespect to a leader that God placed over us, then you better check your spiritual pulse.  I have seen a lot of Christians endorse what happened as a great act that somebody needed to do.  Yet, ignore whether or not human life is worthy of defending.  Further, these will ignore the Bible’s stance about the act of same-sex fornication being a sin.  Evidently, once we throw these biblical issues aside, many are capable of ignoring the biblical point of view about submitting and respecting our leaders. 

I think that if you are Christian who takes part in this type of foolishness that you should be ashamed of your witness.  Where does Jesus laugh about this type of dastardly act in the Bible?  I think that is fine to disagree with policies that our Presidents have, but when we h0pe for, or are glad for, bad things that happen to them, then you have crossed a moral line as a Christian.

If you are an American that hopes for, or is glad for, bad things that happen to our Presidents, then you should try to find some level-headed ground to stand on. 

Why don’t we all support our Presidents?  Yet, still exercise the right to disagree with them intelligently.  Here is the link with the story.

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Say What?

I watched the President at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.  I don’t know how serious he will take people who are praying for him.  Nevertheless, I still I believe that it is important for Christians to pray for their leaders.  God really can persuade our President to what is right. 

Here is a a link for the White House press release.  Below the President outlined areas that The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will focus on:

  • It will be one voice among several in the administration that will look at how we support women and children, address teenage pregnancy, and reduce the need for abortion.
  • The Office will strive to support fathers who stand by their families, which involves working to get young men off the streets and into well-paying jobs, and encouraging responsible fatherhood.
  • The first problem that I have, and you knew that I must have one, is the wording of this press release.  It is tiring that our elected officials and those who are pro-choice continue to refer to abortion as a “need.”  This is what always makes me sigh and groan, “SAY WHAT?”  With all of the government programs that are available to help unwed mothers, and couples who are married, I don’t see how there is a need.  Instead, it is exactly what those in the pro-choice movement fight for, a choice. 

    What is the goal for addressing teenage pregnancy?  I can hear it now.  “Okay girls, planned parenthood would like to demonstrate to you proper procedures for protecting yourselves.  Since you obviously must know that we don’t believe that you could actually abstain from sex.”  I know that I am sounding sarcastic.  However, I am tired of how our country does not believe in our children and teens.  We insist on labeling them and telling them that they do not have any self-control.  Therefore, do what feels good since it is not wrong because you can’t help it.  In other words, the generations who were before you were just better than you.   By the way, let me throw this in, in most cases teenagers do not even have to inform their parents that they are going to have an abortion.  “SAY WHAT?”

    How are we going to teach young fathers to stand by their families?  What have they been taught for since Roe v. Wade?  I’ll tell you, they have been shown how to flee responsibility.  Yeah, a “well-paying job” will keep someone from shirking their responsibility.  Sure.  Listen, responsibility is only develop by teaching responsibility instead of how to get out of it.  This usually starts with a sober mind, and by seeing people model responsibility.  Yet, when responsibility is erased because someone doesn’t feel like fulfilling it, then most people will always take the easy rode. 

    Those of you who really are people of faith here is what we need to take away from this.  I hope this office will be able to “reduce the ‘need’ for abortion.”  I would be crazy not to hope for something.  This is why it is important that you and I are praying for President and other leaders.  Nevertheless, I want to remind you that even though abortion is legal, you and I have the responsibility to share Christ with others.  Beware of putting your hope in Jay Sekulow.  He is a good man in a good fight.  But only Christ and His Church working together and guided by The Holy Spirit able to really fight the battle. 

    We need to move from being irritated about abortion to brokenhearted about it.  Are you really praying for your President?  Say what?

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    The Journey toward Anything goes

    Well, I am still rooting for my new President.  Yet, I wonder why some of the first issues like abortion and homosexuality were on his agenda of his first week in office.  We have two huge dilemmas that must be dealt with like terrorism and the economy.  Yet, President Obama, knowing that our tax money has been flowing freely from the government to save those industries and financial organizations from failure, has issued an executive order to reinstate funding to foreign countries who want to pursue aborting children. 

    Let’s think about this for a second.  We don’t really know how we are able to give out billions of dollars to companies who have not managed themselves appropriately.  Basically, it seems as though we have an unlimited supply of tax money to give out.  Well, I think that most of us would agree that we can’t give out tax money hand over fist.  Yet, we are going to take money, that should be held onto to replace those monies given out, that should be saved back for real needs like energy, defense, and the economy, we are going to give money out for other countries to abort babies. 

    Here is an nonreligious reason why that is wrong.  Our country is clearly against abortion, according to many statistics.  But our country is in agreement to spend money to fix the energy crisis. 

    According to CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux, Obama said, “It is time we end the politicization of this issue.”  I am sorry this issue is more than politics, it is about the way our government manipulates the lines of morality.  This seems to be one of the first, or the next, steps toward an anything goes America. 

    Here are some questions that we, the United States, are going to have to wrestle with.

    • Why is abortion so important?  I am sorry, most people are able to have some self-control and can avoid getting pregnant by many different ways. It is as if we want to be able to make choices without any consequences. Yet, there are consequences.  Many Christians and non-Christians said one of the reasons to vote for Obama was that he was going to take care of the poor.  If that is true, then there are ways that many women can take care of their babies with federal help. 
    • Why must homosexuals have legal marriage?  They are still practicing their lifestyles.  Further, nobody that I know of is standing in their way to live together.  If it is over benefits, then the good news is that there are already benefits available to those who can’t get any through the government.  Or, both partners can get a job that provides these benefits.  Plus, wills can be made so that if one should pass away, the other person can receive what was left behind.   

     I can’t help but think that there were bigger issues to deal with this week that did not involve splitting the country.  I have seen several other blogs this week that demonize many Christian beliefs.  I have seen many different reasons why people argue for President Obams to order these things.  But, these things are those that should not have been high on the President’s agenda while we are fighting 2 wars, in the middle of a recession, in the middle of an energy crisis, and struggling to do what is appropriate with prisoners who are likely dangerous terrorists. 

    One final word to many Christian brothers and sisters.  You and I are still called to stand up for what God accepts as right.  Yes, the poor are important.  But so are unborn children.  If you are willing to ignore such anti-God decisions so that your 401k is saved, then shame on you.  We have been called to refute an anything goes attitude that the world seeks.


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    An American Christian’s thoughts about our new President’s election

    I am a Conservative.  I have been since President Carter’s failure in 1979 to deal appropriately with Iran for taking our embassy over and taking our people as hostages.  My political views do not match President Elect Obama’s.  Nevertheless, here are some of my thoughts about this historic election.

    • He is my President now.  He deserves my respect and support and he has that now.  However, I reserve the right to disagree with his policies as many still do.  Again, I am an American, and President Elect Obama deserves honor and respect.
    • I know that racism still exists in this world, and sadly always will because we are in a fallen world, but America has shown the world that racism can be overcome.  I have a side opinion about this too.  I hope that Americans will see that while this country enacted laws that helped to stop much of the racism, it should be understood that many Christians have helped too.  So if you are a Christian tonight and have been frustrated because an African-American has been elected, then you better allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you that you are sinning against God and His children.  Likewise, if you are someone that thought that Christians were part of the problem with racism, I have heard this from time to time, then be advised that many of us preach against this and teach that God loves everybody.  We rejoice that American seems a little more colored blind tonight.    
    • President Elect Obama will likely be compassionate in dealing with those who struggle in poverty. 
    • Juan Williams described a picture in his mind of the Obamas and their children enjoying the White House.  I too am excited for this family to enjoy this experience.  In a couple of months, they will be our First Family.  I pray that God will keep them safe, prosper them, bless them, and shine His face upon them. 
    • Our nation is great!  I cannot imagine the amount of fear, shock, and awe, that may be going through Obama’s mind right now.  What an awesome responsibility!
    • I wish that his grandmother could have seen this day.  I too was raised by mother and grandmother.  He has a commonality with me and many other Americans.  It will be good to have someone who does seem to have a connection with those of us who have not been so privileged in life.   
    • As a Christian it is important to remember that our hope in Jesus Christ.  No matter who would have won this would not have changed.  So fear not.   
    • The Obamas appear to be a good family and will hopefully be an example to our nation about the importance of married couples staying together and mothers and fathers loving their children. 

    We must pray that God will unite our nation now and bring us closer to Him, each other, and our neighbors.  God bless America.


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    Candidates and their giving

    My friend Phillip Modlin posted this link to this article on his sight.  I think that we should be aware of what candidates really believe.  I am not endorsing anyone.  However, I do think that giving reflects character.  So if character matters, take a look.

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