Where is humanity headed?

As a pastor I often tell the church about my life before Jesus Christ.  My goal is to show listeners my mindset, what was going on in my heart, and the consequences of what life was like without Jesus.  It seems to me that if those who listen to my stories knew how chaotic and crazy things were in my life they might appreciate what many of them have grown up accustomed to.  My life before Jesus was headed no where; literally.  In fact, when I was single, I really didn’t care about my life; worse yet, not much about anyone else’s either.

Since the turn of this century, and especially in the last 8 years, I’ve witnessed human life become less valued because most have rejected the Truth that there is a God who holds humanity accountable.  We must consider the role of secular society in this rejection, as well as American Christianity.  I have long thought that these two entities have parallelled each other.  In fact, to me, one side’s thought influences the other.  This means that these two influence each other throughout history.  As a result, it seems that secular society influences The Church in America.  In the past, The Church used to influence secular society.  In fact, some might argue The Church still does, but negatively.

Right now secular society values animal life more than human life.  I obviously take the position that human life starts at conception.  Yet, most seem to believe that a dog, as wonderful and cute as it is, is more valuable than the baby inside a pregnant mother.  When the people are outraged because of the abuse of an animal, but not so much about the abuse of a baby labeled as a fetus, humanity is headed for disaster.  Further, when we hear about someone using a “less crunchy” procedure in order to harvest organs from the baby I am horrified; even more horrifying is to watch someone say those words over a meal!  It is so disgusting that I am not even going to link the video to cite it.

Before Jesus Christ came into my life I was not really for abortion, unless I needed it.  After all, I cared, but I only cared about myself.  Yet, Jesus taught me that everyone matters because everyone is valuable to Him, and should be to His Church.  Since The Church seems to no longer influence secular society this is what we can expect from most of humanity a low view of humanity in general.  We can expect humanity to care less and less about human life.  Is it possible that we are headed toward a Mad Max world?  I hope not.

Someone might say that the baby (fetus) is not a life at all.  In other words, I should stay away from that argument.  After all science settled it right?  Yet, those of us who follow Jesus Christ, and believe that He is The God who will hold everyone accountable must not be led by science, but by this God who loves all of His creation.  Most of us would be appalled if people were digging up dead bodies to sell limbs and other parts.  We would call this terrible and disgusting.  We would do so because they were people and should be treated with dignity.  These unborn babies are human as well and also possess human dignity.

One reason Christians do not seem to influence society is because we seem to tolerate it since most Christians believe that the world will get worse and worse before the ultimate end comes.  Yet, I’m one who believes that if that is true, it is because most Christians have forgotten the power of God.  What is worse, maybe most Christians have forgotten the high value God places on His creation and humanity.  More and more there seems to be silence on this issue from Christians.  In fact, we talk simply about forgiveness without talking about accountability.  The fact is the forgiveness we receive from Jesus transforms us into people who value all humanity.

Maybe secular society and The American Church have forgotten how worthless human life was before Christ’s Advent.  It is not much effort for someone to look at historical records to see that before Christ, slavery was rampant, murder was rampant, and torture.  These were the norms of society and if you weren’t born into the right families life would be terrible for you; and very short. It seems that because of Christ this began to change.  In fact, Christians led the fight to end slavery because all human life is valuable.  Most of us agree that The Church did well to influence secular society.

When humanity discounts Christ we are in trouble.  When The Church is not boisterous about the value of unborn babies, and all life, the world gets worse.  Yet, if The Church is boisterous, but her people do not live out the message, then humanity is headed for disaster.  Jesus always taught that people were to be thought of as more important than self.  The idea was that everyone is valuable.  In fact, He taught there would be accountability, not just for horrible acts, but also for what is horrible inside minds and hearts.  When Christians were concerned about this, society was influenced by Christ.

If Christ is no longer taken serious, then we will continue to see people multiply who have no conscience.  This will take us back to society where life is not valuable.  I would warn people, that if Jesus doesn’t return, and we continue down this road, then their lives won’t matter to anyone, and possibly not themselves.  Further, the lives of their loved ones won’t matter either.  In fact, humanity will be headed where I was without Jesus, no where, without value, and no value for anyone else.

If you are a Christian, then you need to speak up about abortion and the value of human life.  If you are a Christian you cannot accept this.  If you do, then this is one reason that humanity is headed for disaster.  Plus, I would remind you that Jesus will judge your heart in the end too.  We can no longer accept this.  We can no longer, here it comes, participate in it with a clear conscience.



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