Me and my mother’s favorite songs from the 70’s

Here is a list of songs that my mother and I enjoyed back in the 1970’s.  These songs are not listed in order of personal preference or in popularity.  These were simply songs that we would turn the radio up on while riding in the car taking trips to the local mall or for various other reasons.  These are likely 8 track  tape classics.

  1. Thunder Island
  2. Rock and Roll All Night
  3. Tiny Dancer
  4. Celia
  5. Shake Your Booty
  6. Bad Moon on the Rise
  7. Surf City
  8. Dead Man’s Curve
  9. Right Back Were We Started From
  10. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  11. Love will keep us Together
  12. Jackie Blue
  13. Car Wash
  14. Shop Around

These are just a small list.  When I hear these I think of good times.


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