Election 2012 Thoughts

My candidate lost.  Yes, my idea of what America should be like is not the popular view right now.  Why is that?  Well, I guess people have changed since I was a kid.  Somehow the values that I grew up with were not taught to new generations.  This is fine, because I still choose to live in America over any other country.

Why did I vote for Romney?  It wasn’t because I am a Christian.  In fact, I struggled to vote for him because he is a Mormon.  This means that he operates under the influence different from the Bible.  As a Christian that should have caused me not to vote for him alone.  After all, if we want a Theocracy his religion should have been taken into consideration.  A Theocracy is what many Christians want.  I’m not especially for that though because we’ve seen throughout history how that harms the people.  Soon enough the leader no longer listens to God and begins doing things his way.  The Theocracy will work when Jesus returns.

I voted for Romney because of his business skills.  I felt that he could reduce our deficit.  I did not necessarily vote for him because of his morals.  I think he is a good man, but I’m sure there is dirt somewhere on him just like there is on the rest of us.

It was annoying to watch so many Christians talk of Doomsday simply because President Obama was re-elected.  First of all, Christians cannot pull this card if they voted for someone who follows a different teaching.  Secondly, President Obama says that he is a Christian and was sworn into office with his hand on the Lincoln Bible.  Is he a fruitful Christian?  I don’t know.  The better question is whether or not those who proclaim Doomsday now are perfect Christians.  Unlikely.

It is appalling that so many people think that Obama is the AntiChrist.  Come on people.  If you believe that, then you need to re-evaluate who your teacher in the Scripture is.  There are 4 different interpretive options for the book of Revelation.  Here they are: The Preterist, or Contemporary-Historical view, The Historical view, The Futurist, or Eschatological view, and The Idealist, or Timeless Symbolic view.

It is ridiculous to think that God had Michael, Gabrielle, and His other angels lined up behind Jesus ready to come put an end to this sinful world simply because America re-elected Obama.  Shame on us for teaching those who do not know Jesus Christ that this is the type of God He is.  Nevertheless, it is true that the Lord will return soon.  After all, He said He would. But why would He return soon on account of this election?  There are children starving throughout the world.  If I was starving in another country, and Jesus came back because of the election, I would have to wonder what I was really worth to Him.

It is offensive to hear people call our President the Anti-Christ too.  He is nowhere near somebody like Nero.  In fact, there are many who act like anti-Christs in the world, and in the Church.  I see them when they get out of church and go to McDonald’s and mistreat the employees and other customers.  We see it on FB and in blogs.

As a pastor, I realize how important a relationship with Christ is.  In fact, I also see how important that relationship with Christ is to those who claim to have one.  Often, most people quoting Scriptures about this election are nominal in their faith and church attendance.  It is amazing that many voted against President Obama because he believes in different values openly instead of privately.  What I mean is that those sinful things, like abortion and homosexuality are practiced privately by many Christians.  In fact, many other forms of sexual immorality are practiced privately, but the Church doesn’t get in an uproar over those.

Christians should see this election as moment when secular society has truly rejected Christian influence.  Is it because Christians are trying to influence people politically instead of spiritually?  I think the case could be made.  Why did President Obama get re-elected?  Because the exit pollsters said that people felt like Obama cared about them personally.  Isn’t this how we used to witness about Jesus before we were political?

I think it is time for Christians quit spouting off Scriptures taken out of context and focus on building a relationship with those who do not feel connected with us and definitely are not united with us on values.  Side note; the government is caring for the poor because the Church isn’t.  Some are in the Church, but most are not.  Jesus called us to be Disciple-makers; not lobbyists.



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5 responses to “Election 2012 Thoughts

  1. Donna Smith

    Well said.

  2. nicky

    amen well said

  3. Paleoconservatism is what many crave. Although it is not fulfilled. As if such was no longer valid. So they offer a neo-con. There is a reason; and that is a societal shift that now places ‘reactionary’ Protestants on the fringe. Looking to escape they cater to ‘society’ as they lose. Or an impression that such character and conviction is too marginal, too out-dated, by ‘them’ to pacify and discourage.

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