Trouble for The Wesleyan Church?

I try to update my blog, that seems to be going the way of “Video Killed the Radio Star,” especially since the advent of Twitter at least once a month.  I also check it several times of month to see how active it is; not very. lol.  I have few readers who are subscribed to my blog and read it when I post.

What I notice in my statistics is that my blog is found most of the time because I am a Wesleyan pastor.  There seems to be a lot of people, I don’t know where, that are interested in finding out what The Wesleyan Church is.  They are interested in learning what The Wesleyan Church believes.  They want to know what the difference between Wesleyans and Baptists are.

Well there are a few differences, but Wesleyans and Baptists serve the same God and share the same fundamental doctrine that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.  Salvation is only found in Him alone.  The other differences are those that people can debate, can debate, can debate, can debate, got old didn’t? until the cows come home.

I think  the trouble that we Wesleyans are having in the 21st Century is that we do not know who we are either.  Simply put, if we did, then those who find my blog because of a search engine would not have to ask the search engine who the Wesleyans are.  We Wesleyans would be noted as those who seek to live Holy lives and are proactive in the face of immorality and injustice.

One question I ponder is why we Wesleyans struggle to be seen as instruments in the hands of Christ?  The first Wesleyan-Methodists, in my opinion, would have been considered a missional movement by our 21st Century standards.  Missional is one of the fads, that I strive to take part in because I follow Christ, that people are writing about in the Christian book culture.  One book title is called The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch.  Sometimes I wonder how Christians forgot to be missional since the Bible teaches it. Is there a chance that many Wesleyan churches have forgotten this too?

I think The Wesleyan Church may need to remember who we really are.  We are supposed to be a movement.  The by-product of our doctrine of Sanctification, our love for Christ and others, is that we seek to become imitators of Jesus Christ especially in regard to the lost, poor, and least of these.  We go to them with the Gospel and seek to meet their needs when possible.  We cannot ignore this biblical doctrine.  I question sometimes if this is something that many pastors want to sweep under the rug.

What may seem to be trouble for us might be our opportunity to spread the Scriptural Holiness message that is missional.  This is good news for the world.  The good news is that people are asking questions about The Wesleyan Church.  We get to answer these questions by living our lives for Jesus; and use words when necessary.

If you are a part of The Wesleyan Church, then you need to make sure, along with me, to live a life that is “worthy of God” (1 Thess. 2:12).  Then people will know what we believe and in whom we believe.  Of course, if we do this, then my blog may be officially dead. 🙂 God bless.



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3 responses to “Trouble for The Wesleyan Church?

  1. God help me to live a life “worthy of God.”

  2. That quest is a full time job.

  3. Reblogged this on wesleyanvictim and commented:
    Here is a Wesleyan Pastor who is taking seriously the idea of being Christlike. So I guess they aren’t all bad.

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