Thoughts on the Newspring Leadership Conference

First of all, I know that not everyone likes Pastor Perry Noble.  I think for those who are against him it is because of how God is using him that jealousy causes this attitude against him.  I think he is aware of this being a problem.  I get jealous of him to since I am a small church pastor.  A real small church pastor in the truest sense.  Yet, he was used by God to put together a conference that really was amazing.  Notice I said used by God!

My church paid $99 for a ticket to one of the most impressive conferences that I have been to to date.  I don’t get to go to things like this very often.  There are two reasons for this.  One, they are too expensive most of the time.  Two, they always focus on leadership style that fits a particular type of personality.  Many church leaders, or wannabes, focus on these personality ID’s instead of those who are surrendered to the Holy Spirit.  Leadership has become the idol of The Church world in my opinion.  I would be happier to see pastors focusing servanthood than leadership.  Servanthood glorifies Christ, while leadership becomes a little questionable about whose personality is being revealed. 

Pastor Perry was able to get top speakers, who have been field tested instead of classroom tested, to come and share with us.  These speakers had one message that was communicated in different ways.  Listen to God and do it.  Not only was this their message, but they also took the pressure off of us “simple” pastors by pointing out that not everyone will do the same things they have.  This is big!  This is refreshing.  This is truth!  They suggested that everyone is different and unique so God will have a different plan for each of us than those who were speaking.

These speakers, including Pastor Perry Noble, seem to be the heartbeat of Christ in the American Church.  Yet, they would not accept me pointing this out.  The common thread they all have is that they seemed to be spending a great amount of time with the Holy Spirit instead of focusing on programming.  They would tell you that there is not 12 step model for success.  Yet, curiously, many pastors continue to look for it.  It doesn’t exist.  I think it is because many successful pastors continue to present it. 

Another observation was that this conference was not sold-out.  At least, it did not appear to be.  I have been to Unleash a few times.  This conference was different because Newspring was not sharing about their programming.  Again, the focus of Noble, seemed to be on the Holy Spirit.  Could this be why more pastors were not there?  It just goes with how God does things and many miss Him doing it.  I was impacted by the Word of God that day.  Many were.  So if God was speaking, and He was, it is a shame that more were not there. 

One last observation.  Forgive me for making it, but I think you might get a laugh.  The bird sequence shirts that we saw the last 2 years at Newspring might be running their course.  I remember the 1st year not many but Furtick and Noble wore them.  The next year, half the crowd (church leaders) had them on.  This year the leaders had shirts on with patches similar to merit badges we have in scouting, while on stage.  I predict this to be the new fashion for the next Unleash.

Finally, congrats to Pastor Perry and his Newspring Church.  I mean it.  I am very critical most of the time, which is a character flaw most of the time.  So you know with me bragging in the Lord about this that it had to be very good.  Thank you Newspring for being used by God to bless me and others.  God bless.


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