Filling God’s Heart with pain

As a pastor, especially when I was a youth pastor, there are times when you pour good into people continually.  Sometimes, you pour the good things of God into people and believe that you have diverted them from making wrong choices.  It doesn’t always work.

God knows this feeling of frustration that Christians have when we spend time with others teaching about spiritual matters.  There is pain that we feel.  But God felt that pain a long time ago before we existed. 

In Genesis, the creation story starts out with God pouring good into His creation.  Everything is good for a while.  It is good for God, good for Adam, good for Eve, good for animals, good for the earth, and so on.  Then sin entered the world.  When sin entered the world, it steamrolled out of control; for humans, because of God’s free-will.

In a few short chapters, this is what we find in Genesis 6:5-6,  “The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.  The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.” 

This means that we can hurt God.  When I was lost, I sinned greatly.  A lot of that sin was, according to my will, designed to hurt God.  I don’t know how I knew that since I did not know anything about Scripture.  Yet, inside I knew that I was hurting God.  

How does sin hurt God?  Because it destroys human lives.  It really is that simple.  Since God loves us so much, by sending His Son to die for our sins, we are able to fill God’s Heart with pain.  How profound.  I can hurt God.  Sin doesn’t destroy God.  It only hurts Him.  Sin destroys us. 

When I sinned against God, I thought I was damaging Him.  Yet, I was damaging myself. 

Pastors and Christians, this is the good news.  If your heart becomes filled with pain because someone you have spent time with trying to encourage them to live for the Lord sins, then you have found that you have a Godly love in your heart.  On the other hand, if you are not hurt by the sin of others, then you may not have  the heart of God in you.     

If you do not know Christ, and you are mad at God, then you need to understand that the sin you commit not only hurts God, but it destroys you.  What you need to know is that God loves you with a love that you cannot understand; a love that you may be looking for. 

Finally, after God flooded the earth, in Genesis 9, everything should have been good again but sin stepped off of the ark.  In that chapter, we start out with blessing again, but end up with cursing.  Thank you Lord for Jesus.  Because now, instead of us filling God’s Heart with pain, He has given us an opportunity to fill our hearts with Him.  This is how we keep from destroying ourselves and from hurting God. 

Therefore, accept Christ as your Lord and Savior.  The choice is yours.



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3 responses to “Filling God’s Heart with pain

  1. Your statement that sin stepped off of the ark is a good one.

    The paragraph beginning “Pastors and Christians” is a good one, too.

  2. Scott Uselman

    Thanks Dr. LaBar.

  3. It is written: A woman shall compass a man and create a new thing in the earth (Jer 31:22), the man is Satan(Isa 14:16), the new thing is turning the hearts of the fathers to the children. Satan has deceived the whole world (Rev 12:7), until the heel of time(Gen 3:15) when a woman shall bruise him. Check out the bruising of Satan at please read all the posts to see the whole picture.

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