Green Zone movie

I rented the Green Zone movie tonight.  It was terrible.  If you are a conspiracist, or very liberal in your politics, then this movie is for you.  President Bush has been out of office since January 2008.  Yet, he continues to be beat up in the press, and in this case, Hollywood. 

In this movie, we learned that America is the bad country and cannot be trusted.  There at least four types of Americans in this movie.  One group just wants to do what they are told and go home.  These are those who are indifferent to what is happening. Another group wants the truth.  This is Matt Damon’s character.  He knows that something is wrong with the intel for Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Another group is trying to hide the truth.  This group is the White House led group.  Another group is full of people, like a news reporter, who were tricked by the White House, and now are disoriented in what to believe or think. 

I won’t give the plot away completely away, besides I took it out before the end for mercy reasons, but if you want to know what the point was, then you need to look at any left leaning political web site that blames President Bush for everything. 

I usually enjoy watching Matt Damon in his movies, but this movie had a political agenda.  Frankly,  I love my country.  I believe Iraq has a better future with Saddam out of the way.  Now, the people of Iraq can ultimately choose to return power to another dictator, but they should have a better chance now.  This is all I have to say about that.

I say this movie is nothing but talking points from those who were against President Bush and the Republicans of that time.  Therefore, I give this movie a thumbs down.  If you must see it wait for it to drop to $5 at Wal-Mart later.



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2 responses to “Green Zone movie

  1. Matt

    Who needs the UN to find the WMD’s when we have Matt Damon? Hopefully he can find them.

  2. Scott Uselman


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