The NBA Finals after thoughts

  • I am struggling to understand how the Lakers shot 37 free throws while the Celtics shot 17.
  • Why is the NBA so different from high school and college when it comes to officiating? Ex. When was the last time a high school kid, or college player, could just crash into the paint knocking people over and not be called for a charge?
  • Don’t get me started about traveling.
  • If the refs call a consistent game, for the most part, up to the last quarter, then why is okay to change it up in the fourth?
  • If the defender senses that the refs have changed the way they are calling a game, he cannot defend with confidence.  The first three quarters are when both teams learn what is allowed and what isn’t.  Change it up, and add momentum to that, then the team that is being offensively attacked has to overcome a lot to win if the game is close.
  • The defender has the space first.  This is why he is the defender.  This thought should change a lot of unnecessary foul calls.
  • There should be an overseer who keeps track of foul calls.  If there is a discrepancy, then he should question what is going on.
  • Poor officiating messes up rebounding too. Lakers had 23 offensive rebounds, while the Celtics had 8.  Somebody felt freedom to be aggressive.  Lakers had 53 total while Boston had 40.  Yes, the Celtics were undersized, but fundamental basketball, boxing out, can help even some of that up.  But not if the over-the-back foul is not called.
  • The bottom-line, the Celtics had their chances to win it all and did not.  It should not have come down to game 7.
  • There is too much whining and complaining going on in the NBA.
  • Superstar led teams, teams that play 1 on 5, are not what basketball is about.  This thought is not really about the Finals.


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2 responses to “The NBA Finals after thoughts

  1. One good thing is that Artest apologized to the Pacers after game, and thanked God for the opportunity to be in the position he was, namely on a championship team.

  2. Scott Uselman

    I did notice that Dr. LaBar. I wish I would have acknowledged that in this post as a positive. Artest has been working on his life. That in itself is a testimony that needs to be heard.

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