I want a mad church

An amazing thought I have been wrestling with lately is “Should the Church get mad?”  What I mean is should the church develop an anger that will motivate her to spread the Word?  Someone might think, “Isn’t that what the Church already does?” Yes, and no. 

The Word of God is being preached in many churches.  Sometimes though, the Word comes with a slant toward a particular view, or goal.  Periodically, I will use the topical method of preaching, which tends to naturally have a view point with it.  More often, I use an expository method.  In my opinion, this gives me, and others, a better opportunity to allow God to speak. 

The problem is that generally only believers are going to church, which is good, but they are not bringing anyone from outside the church with them.  As a result, the preached Word is staying within the Church.

Back to where I really want to go with this.  Somehow, the Church has allowed herself to appear, or become, unlike Jesus Christ.  When I thought of church as an unconverted person, the first thought that came to my mind was I don’t belong.  I felt that attenders looked at me and my family with disdain.  This is another story.  I did not see Jesus in the midst of  that attitude.  Sinners were attracted to Jesus because He is lovingly attracted to them. 

As a believer, I now see churches struggle with each other over 10% of the “desirable” type of people who we think are worthy to come to church.  You know, those people we think would make good members and contributors.  Amazingly, the others are left out.  I venture to say that they do not even come up on the radar screen as those who need to be targeted. Well, maybe in shop talk once in a while.

As a believer, when I think of church my first thought is flip flops, gotees, coffee, and a lot of theory.  The battle the Church has been fighting in America is not against the kingdom of darkness, it is against itself.  Freedom used to mean freedom from self desire to sin against God.  Now freedom is about worship style.  The bottom-line is that one group of believers wants to bind another.  Freedom?  This is the ever present struggle within the Church to please Jesus the right way.  Or please selves?  Sigh.  Does this stuff make you feel as tired as I do?

The whole time, the above struggle is taking place, the Church is not moved with the real love of Jesus Christ to mobilize in an effort to save her community’s children from sin.  Jesus did not spend time struggling over generational warfare with His disciples.  He spent His time talking about love for God and others.  He said that if we did this, people (sinners) would know that we are His. 

So when is the Church going to get mad over the fact that we have been wasting our time on too many philosphies that cause us to struggle against each other and be mad that Satan is destroying people with sin?  If we get mad about that I believe that we will really focus our attention on setting the captives free

This madness must be rooted in love for others.  Madness can, and will, motivate us to do what Christ called us to.  This madness will create an overwhelming desire to be Jesus and deliver the good news that people can have a better life through Jesus Christ.  What is more, salvation can be gained through Christ.  The Church has to become mad for those who are lost again.  We cannot settle for being mad at each other.  We are called to be mad for those who are perishing. 

I want a mad church.  I want a Mad Church.  I want Christians who will stand up and say that they have had enough of Satan snatching our community’s children and adults and leading them to hell!  I am tired of Christian groups Church bashing.  I am tired of Christians competing with each other.  I am tired of the freedom march that seeks to deliver churches from a particular style of worhsip.  I long for the freedom march that sets people in bondage to sin free.  It sets them free from eternal damnation!

You should want a mad church too.



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4 responses to “I want a mad church

  1. Well. That’s a powerful thought!

  2. Good blog, Scott. You lit a fire under me again 🙂 Jesus was available to those who needed Him so desperately. We need to adopt that same attitude. available, open, compassionate. ready to talk. Ready to teach, ready to help. If we see someone caught in some sin, let’s not cover them with a convenient, blanket label ‘sinner’; but instead look at the person’s individual needs. What have they been through? how can I model Jesus to them? And remember, at the same time, Jesus is dealing withour unique needs, weaknesses and character defects. Jesus did things on this earth so differently form how we operate. often we act in ways to make us feel good about ourselves or to support a tradition we’ve adopted or to uphold a cherished rule; but Jesus always valued relationships over rules. And the fact is, wherever Jesus traveled and ministered, two things always happened: People’s lives were changed and the established religious order was upset. Jesus was so authentic, real that the masses were naturally drawn to Him. only the ‘real thing’ will effectively scratch the spiritual itch. Sorry, for the long comment :^)

  3. And by the way…you do a great job in the things I said above. You are authentic and it shows 🙂

  4. Scott Uselman

    Thanks Debbi : )

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