My problem with healthcare

The biggest problem that I have with healthcare at this point is that our government did not listen to the majority of the American people.  This is really dangerous in my opinion.  Whether or not this bill is good or bad, the bottom-line is that most of America did not want this.  Leadership that is for the people is not supposed to place undo stress and fear on most of the people.

It is obvious that our government, the Democrats, believe they are doing what is best.  Yet, last time I checked, the only one that we can trust to do what is best when we are so uncomfortable is God.  He is infallible while those humans are fallible who are running our country.

This is not the only time that our government has refused to yield to the people.  The majority of America does not want to pay for abortions, nor do we want to legalize abortion.  Yet, this has been legal since the early ’70’s.  The majority wants marriage defined between a man and a woman.  Yet, this could be changed soon.

I watched Nancy Pelosi walk into the Capital Building with her huge gavel and a big smile on her face.  She made this walk before untold thousands who were protesting against the Healthcare Bill.  These protesters represented most of America.  It seemed to me that this was here way of showing us the hammer before she used it.

Pelosi would do well to remember that she is not teaching us a lesson about who is in charge.  She is supposed to be a servant of the people.

President Obama said in his victory speech after the vote, that this is still a government by the people, for the people, which serves the people.  Did he not see the polls that were consistently against this bill?  Then, how could he say that without guilt?

My ultimate problem now is whether or not we have a government that actually listens to us.  I find that a government that fundamentally changed America, when most people were against it, is very uncomfortable to me.  There will be new taxes on the middle-class.  There has to be because we are the majority.

Do you feel good that the majority of America was not listened too?  It doesn’t matter to me what your political party is.  In my mind, liberals and conservatives should agree that the government is supposed to listen to the majority of the people.

These are my personal views and do not represent the views of The Wesleyan Church, or Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church.



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7 responses to “My problem with healthcare

  1. [The majority of America does not want to pay for abortions, nor do we want to legalize abortion.]

    Actually, that’s a lie. The majority thinks it should be legal and there cannot be any federal funding for abortions because of the Hyde amendment. And the protesters represented only the radical right-wing of America. The majority wanted reform.

  2. Scott Uselman

    Actually, one of the first executive orders the President gave was to start funding overseas abortions again. I don’t think you can prove that those protesters were nothing but right-wing radicals. I think they were mostly fiscal conservatives. Without checking, you may be correct about the majority wanting to legalize abortion.

    My main point was that the government is not listening to the majority right now. That is what I am concerned about. If it were the Republicans not listening to the majority, then I would still be concerned.

  3. [Actually, one of the first executive orders the President gave was to start funding overseas abortions again.]

    No, that’s the spin. What he did was lift the ban on organizations that offer abortions as part of the services they provide to poor people.

  4. Scott Uselman

    It was still an executive order because he redid the executive order of President Bush. And it is still our tax money that provides for those “services.” He did that within a day or two of taking office.

  5. Hank

    We’re dangerously close (if not there already).

    “The Government of the absolute majority instead of the Government of the people is but the Government of the strongest interests; and when not efficiently checked, it is the most tyrannical and oppressive that can be devised.”
    -John C Calhoun

  6. moriahbethany

    Fact check people! Check polls, read more than just one article before making up your mind, avoid opinion articles(they can be fun though 😉 research BOTH sides of the issue. I have, and in actuality, we were already throwing away tons of money on an inefficient health care system. In actuality the country was pretty evenly divided on health care. In fact several republicans have been telling everyone obama went against the majority( even so, do you really expect the president to wake up everyday and consult the daily polls? Come on,nothing would get done..ever) if we fix our system and are able to help the uninsured afford care that means that we don’t have to pay for them anymore, as we HAVE been doing. Also, it isn’t like we were spening 0 dollars on health care and now are spending trillions. Paying for health care has taken up 1/4 of our money. That’s all folks, I hope you all read and make up your own minds.

  7. Scott Uselman

    My point was that our government did not listen to the majority of the people. Town hall meetings were held over the summer and more often than not, people were against the current form of healthcare.

    I have looked at both sides. This is still my point. But I will say this, we are still going to pay for the new healthcare. The government will make healthcare available via our tax money.

    I agree that you cannot govern by listening to polls. Yet, this was a huge peice of legislation that did not have bi-partisan support. The controlling party maybe should’ve listened to these polls.

    Most Republicans, including myself, realize that the current system is not working well. Yet, establishing another program that, let’s face it, will ultimately reward those who do not desire to work with the money of those who want to work seems a little un-American to me.

    Back to my point. Our President and the rest of the government did not want to rework something that was clearly devisive so that there would have been a compromise that both sides could live with. I find that outrageous.

    What is more, there were other issues that needed attention before passing a bill, that now divides America down the middle. Both sides would agree at this point creating jobs and creating a healthy economy possibly might have been more important.

    I have been without healthcare several times in my life. I can tell you that making money, because of a job, was more important to me than healthcare was. Those who really need healthcare because they are sick would see it differently. Those were who we could have focused on to help in the short term.

    Hey, I hope I am wrong about all of this. None of us will be out anything then. But if I am partially right, then we will all have problem. 🙂

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