Community Life of Disciples

Key Scriptures for Disciples of Christ

Key Scriptures should define key elements to a healthy spiritual life.

Matthew 22:36-40; The Greatest Commandment

Matthew 25:31-46; The Least of These Warning

Matthew 28:18-20; The Great Commandment

Christ Centered Community Life Image

Worship in mind and soul takes place through meditation, prayer, and corporate worship.

Worship in heart takes place by recognizing God’s love for us which causes us to adore Him.  Jesus has wooed us to Him by His love for us.

Worship in strength seems to be accomplished by our works of righteousness.  Plus, in my mind it should also be accomplished in our commitment to the Lord when we do not feel like remaining committed.

Loving our neighbors occurs when we realize that the DNA of God is in them since He created us in His own Image.  We are told to be imitators of Christ.  Loving those who do not love us is also part of that strength in the first commandment.

These 2 commandments set Jesus Christ up as King in the world that we live in today.

We feed the mind, soul, and heart through discipleship.  This is accomplished by learning God’s Word together or one on one.

Worship and discipleship are vehicles that the Holy Spirit uses to transform us.  We are in the process of becoming more like Christ.

Fellowship with each other helps us to learn to love our neighbor; it is the proving ground.  Paul’s letters were written to the churches about how to get along with each other.  Remember, Paul said that we are to submit to each other in unity.  This deals with strength and heart.

The author of Hebrews conveyed the importance of continuing to meet together in worship and fellowship even though these people were being persecuted; much different than being teased.

James called righteous works, or service, real religion; another proving ground.  If we are being transformed in worship and discipleship, then we are rooted in the good spring.  Therefore, good works flows from us without faking them.  They are now natural to us.  This is also back to strength again.

Jesus simply told to evangelize; another proving ground.  We love Him and others and this now becomes the natural thing to do.

I made the pieces of the pie bigger in the areas of corporate worship and discipleship because these pieces feed the other 3 pieces.  Focus on the other 3 pieces without these 2 is idolatry.


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