Secret to successful ministry

Well, I am not really a success.  So the title of this article might be considered debatable at best.  Yet, I do realize that there is a missing element with many teachers, directors, and pastors.   Too many leaders seem as if they are not desperate for those they are trying to reach to know Jesus Christ as Savior.  As a ministry leader you must be desperate for people to live a victorious Christian life.  At the same time, you need to be desperate for others to come to Christ.  

Too many seem satisfied with their ministry as it is.  Ministry requires work from those who are concerned about people not having a relationship with Christ.  Seeking up to date and relevant resources is part of the work that is required for successful ministry. 

Desperation is what motivates people to keep pursuing goals.  Desperation motivates us to keep trying even if it seems there is no hope for success.  Satisfaction is the enemy of motivation.

I believe that if we could become desperate for those we minster to we would begin to see a move of God.  We would see God working through us to save and draw close to Him those that He seeks.  The secret to success is being desperate for God’s success in the lives of non-believers and believers who need to move closer to Him.


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