Is God Allowed in Your Camp by Jim Dunn

Scripture: 1 Samuel 4:2-22

Israel had heard God’s Word because of Samuel.  The problem was that Israel still depended on themselves even though they were getting ready for battle with the Philistines.  Israel decided to go get the Ark of God and bring it into the camp (God did not told them to do that) so that they could defeat the Philistines.  The Philistines were scared because the ground shook with the cheers from the Israelites in their camp.  Yet, they defeated Israel and captured the Ark. 

Israel began to question: Where was God when all our men were killed?  Now our nation is defeated.

Israel depended on God the same way we do a rabbit’s foot.  He was only brought into the camp for good luck.  He was only needed for that battle.  They paid attention to Him to that point. 

  • God cannot be manipulated!  We think that if we do the right things that God will be on our side. 
  • Don’t manipulate God.  People most of the time say that they want to experience Him.  In worship we try to manipulate an experience with a particular style.  A style that is generally controlled by us.
  • Don’t ignore God.  We must realize that we are not self-made.  Although we try to get through life on our own.  We trust in things instead of God. 

We only want to bring God out the box that we have Him in when we need Him.  We must try to know Him and not limit His worship to a particular style or way of doing it. 

My thought

Beware of only seeking God when you want Him to be on your side for your own gain.  It is better to focus on His gains and dwell in His Presence than to pull Him out like a rabbit’s foot.


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