How do you like your word by Jim Dunn

Dr. Dunn preached a sermon Tuesday night about how we like our Word from God.  He shared some great insight with us from 1 Samuel 3:1-4:1.  “In those days, word from the Lord was rare.”  Here are some highlights from his talk.

  • God’s Word was rare since it was not spoken by the people, priests, and in the Temple.  This much like today, believe it or not, God’s Word does not get spoken in the homes, by ministers, or even in the church. 
  • God’s Word is rare today because it is confusing.  There are too many voices that God’s Word competes with.  God’s Word has, and still does, compete with God’s Word. God’s Word also competes with people, like friends, relatives, and etc.
  • God’s Word was rare because it is frightening.  In Samuel’s day, people were doing what they thought was right.  They had begun to live contrary to God’s Word.  Eli did not correct and rebuke his own children with God’s Word.  So what was frightening was that a young boy like Samuel had to give a tough message to Eli.  The message to Eli was that you and your family are going to die because of their willful disobedience to God’s Word.  It was unlikely that that was an easy message to give. 


Will you stand up for God’s Word in culture or let it be rare?  We are called to speak God’s Word and live under the influence of His Word.  God’s Word is supposed to be well done instead of rare.  Just think, Samuel spoke God’s Word as a boy and the Lord’s Word spread throughout the land.  Pastor’s are called to give tough messages much like Samuel was.  We are all called to live God’s Word in our culture. 

A thought I had

It is amazing with this understanding that Hannah still sought Yahweh even though nobody was pointing her in the right direction with God’s Word.


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