Titles and foolishness

Senator Barbara Boxer recently held her crown high while talking to Brigadier General Walsh.  Here is the video.  She asked that General Walsh call her Senator instead of Ma-am during a hearing.  She explained that she worked very hard to get that title.  I would have been satisfied to know that she worked very hard to have the opportunity to “serve” her state in Washington DC.  I would suggest that Sen. Boxer realize that the General also worked very hard for his title too.  As a matter of fact, some might say that is a more noble title than Senator considering the lack of faith in politics today. 

I have the title of Pastor and Reverend.  Yet, I don’t expect people to call me Reverend or Pastor Scott.  I don’t expect people to call me Mr. either.  Many times I have told people to simply call me Scott.  I do not consider myself above anyone else.  By the way, I have worked very hard for my title too.  As a matter of fact, I came from outside into this role as a first generation Christian in my family by working at very small churches.  My wife and I have raised 2 children while serving at two different churches carrying 3 jobs a piece plus studying for ordination.  Later, I added to my ordination by receiving my Bachelor’s Degree while pastoring and working part-time jobs.  Yet, again, I do not expect anyone to call me Reverend or Pastor.  I, too, like Sen. Boxer am in a role of service.  Yet, the difference may be that I don’t think of myself as being something greater than I actually am.  That exchange between her and the General really left a bad taste in my mouth because I took her to be someone who is uppity and out of touch with us “common people.” 

Respect is earned and not given.  To expect otherwise is foolish.  And by the way, I think that the General did show her respect when he said Ma-am.  I would have addressed her that way too, and would address a male Senator as Sir out of respect.

What is more frustrating this week is that a Republican Senator admitted to having an affair.  This is upsetting because his country needs him.  We needed him to set the example by considering family important.  What is more, Senator Ensign was involved in Promise Keepers and other ministries.  This goes to show that action must accompany belief.  This is one of the most crucial times for our country when you consider the dangers we face abroad and the pitiful economy at home.  We need our best people to deal with these issues with their undivided attention. 

It was maddening to hear that the person he was involved with was also married and was promoted by the Senator and had her salary doubled recently.  It makes you fear that looks and sex have turned out to be the qualifications to gain a higher place of influence with our government officials.  I would rather, during these tough times, rely upon someone’s mental resume instead of their physical attributes for help and advice on putting legitimate ideas into the arena for solving America’s crisis’.  

I do applaud the Senator’s wife for her willingness to work through this situation and her committment to reconciliation.  My hat is off to her!  My prayers are with them too. 

Sen. Boxer and Sen. Ensign should remember two things.  How to gain influence, and how to properly handle influence.  These are two people who need to remember that great responsibility comes with leadership.  Both should use it wisely to serve our country instead of themselves.


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  1. Indeed, respect should be earned. Yet, the Bible tells us to honor those to whom honor is due. (Romans 13:7) That would include you, for your dedication and service.

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