Politics and Baseball

It is beyond me how Americans have come to a place in history where we hold our professional athletes to a higher standard than our politicians.  For example, Manny Ramirez, one of the greatest baseball players I have seen to date was caught using a fertility substance that is banned by Major League Baseball.  So now he has been banned for 50 games

My goal is not to defend Manny.  Instead, I have a problem with the way we Americans want to be disgusted by this type of abuse from an MLB player, but not as outraged when The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, seems to be lying to the American people about her knowledge of the government water-boarding accused terrorists.  Whether or not she is telling the truth is a different issue than Manny using a performance enhancer.  But there seems to be enough confusion about what she really knew that we should put her and all involved under oath to see if she is being straight with us. 

We have had other professional athletes testify before congress about the abuse of steroids.  This is what is so mind numbing about our country today.  How can the issue of doping in professional baseball be more important enough that players should testify before congress, or Ramirez being encouraged to sit out of an all star game as a form of repentance, than finding out if The Speaker of the House is telling the truth.  If she is, than let’s find out so that Americans can know that we have a trustworthy person in that office.



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3 responses to “Politics and Baseball

  1. A couple of comments:

    1) Interesting.
    2) Who testifies, and who doesn’t, shows us who really has the power, and it’s not the athletes, in spite of their huge salaries.
    3) You may be spot on about Pelosi, but did you/do you expect Republicans to live up to the same standard? Was President Bush lying to us about the supposed connection between el-Quaida (or however you spell it) and Iraq, or just misled? That’s just one example where it would be interesting and instructive to know the truth, but we don’t seem to.

  2. Scott Uselman

    Yes. I think the government should be accountable for lying. Regardless of what party. I supported President Bush’s war with Iraq. However, if he lyed to us, then that should be dealt with too. I am worried about our government not having enough checks and balances now. I think most of my frustration is that our press seemed to be worried about the integrity of baseball more than our government’s. Thanks for the comment Dr. LaBar.

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