Does God use you?

It is a simple question really.  Does God use you?  In my years of being a Christian, 14 years now, I have met all sorts of people who asked questions about why God had not done anything big with them like He did with those in the Bible. 

I have also met Christians who were jealous of other Christians when they saw amazing things happening in someones life.  They felt that God did not helped them to make a difference.  Then there are those who attend churches that do not seem to be making a difference in anything.  These people are continually looking for a place where it is happening.  This sounds fair, right?  Yet, it is likely that it is not happening because these people are looking for a way for it to happen without faith. 

Consider a large church.  They have many resources like people and money.  These churches can almost do what they need to do without faith.  Yet, God is always at work with His servants.  What I mean is that although we desire to make a difference, He still uses our service to teach us about having faith in Him.  This is how He reveals Himself to us in new ways. 

It is often that we believe that we know Christ in an intimate way.  Yet, we have not seen Him move mountains for us.  This is what happens in churches where it doesn’t seem like anything is happening.  But this is the school of faith for that local body. 

You may ask how then do we know that God is trying to use us?  This is another question that I get asked sometimes.  The answer is in the condition of your heart.  This is the key.  I say this because there are a lot of people who just want to go out and get busy for Jesus.  That is fine, but if you want the Spirit to be part of it, it should be something that burdens you; not something that looks like what you should do because you are a Christian. 

Here is what I have noticed about Moses recently.  He was a rescuer at heart.  In his own way, he was driven to action to rescue a Hebrew slave being beaten by an Egyptian taskmaster.  In his own way, Moses decided to simply kill the Egyptian.  It seemed like a rescue to him. And it was; sort of.  As a matter of fact, I believe that Moses went home and felt good that he did such a noble thing.  After all, what was happening to his people was wrong. 

After fleeing to Midian because Moses was wanted for murder he bumped into shepherd girls watering their sheep.  I want to pause and say that Moses was awesome.  He not only found God, later, in the desert, but he also found a wife too.  Not many can go into a desert find those two things.  Kudos to Moses.  Anyway, these shepherd women were being bullied by men.  Moses jumped in and rescued them too.  Do you see what is going on in his heart?  He already had a desire/burden to rescue people from injustices.  He was frustrated enough about what he saw to do something about it. 

Finally, God, who had been watching all that was taking place, took a person who had a general desire/burden to rescue, and gave Moses a special burden/call to be used by God to rescue Moses and God’s people.  So God called Moses to be used on His mission instead of Moses being on his personal mission. 

The answer to the question, does God use you?  involves what burden is in your heart?  If you are moved to action already about rescuing someone, God will use you.  Those who desire to be missional must understand that missional is not a glamorous fad to say you are a part of.  Instead, it is a calling for God’s people to be burdened enough to action.  Then God who sees all will give His special call so that we can be used by Him. 

Those churches who are not seeing anything happen might be able to trace their problems to unburdened hearts that do not desire to rescue the lost from going to Hell.  Missional is about rescuing people from a terrible eternal fate and from bondage in this life.  Until we get some Moses’ who will stand up and do something about what is not right, like people missing Heaven because they have not met Jesus, God won’t use any “Christians” until He sees a genuine desire in the heart.



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2 responses to “Does God use you?

  1. ol' Suit

    Right on, Pastor Scott! As the saying goes, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight…but the size of the fight in the dog.” Passion is the prime ingredient of victory. Good blog!

  2. Although large churches can do some things without faith, I guess, in large churches, no less than smaller ones, usually some person or persons have to do some hard work to get anything worthwhile done. And the percentage of people who actually get involved and work, as opposed to being passive in the pew, is probably about the same as in small churches.

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