Sunday Recap

Here’s the breakdown for our service today.

  • 47 in attendance
  • 30 for Sunday school
  • Rainy Sunday
  • Sermon Series “Encounters”
  • Sermon title “Betraying Christ”
  • Sermon text Matthew 26:14-25
  • Subject: As a result of divided loyalties Judas finally betrayed Christ
  • 3 ideas why Judas betrayed Christ while it was foretold that Jesus would be betrayed, Judas showed that Greed betrays Christ, Christ was of little worth, and he fooled himself.  Greed caused him to dip into the treasury as John pointed out.  Amazingly, Judas desired money even though he witnessed Christ teaching that you cannot serve both God and money.  This desire for money actually demonstrated the little value that Judas had for Jesus Christ.  He betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver!  Mary of Bethany in contrast demonstrated how much Jesus was worth to her when anointed Him with the expensive perfume.  This helps us to see that Judas really betrayed Him for small cash.  Judas ended up fooling himself because he was one of the 12 who Jesus sent out to cast out devils, preach, and heal the sick.  In other words, he was able to perform the works that Christ does.  This means that although Judas heard Jesus teach that when Judgment comes there will be those who performed all these types of things, and yet, the Lord will say “Depart from Me, for I never knew you.”  This means that he only fooled himself into believing that he was squared away with Christ, but was not. 
  • Three questions that all Christians must consider are: Are you betraying Christ through greed?  In other words, loving money more than Him.  Which one has your heart?  Are you betraying Christ by demonstrating that He is worth little to you?  This can be done by chasing whatever divides your loyalty for Him.  Oh, let’s say, . . . not showing up for church when you really can.  Choosing other things over what Jesus has called you to do.  Putting other things like money, family, friends, and the things of this world ahead of Him constantly.  Are you fooling yourself believing that you are squared away with Christ?  This means that you are a Sunday morning Christian only.  You preach Jesus but do not really live for Him.  May be you have taught His Word, but you don’t have it in your heart.  May be you have guided others to Christ but you yourself are really far from Christ.  This sounds like a large piece of the American Christian Church. 
  • We had a song service during PM service since Pastor Jon and I went to a Growing Pastors Dinner. 
  • The trend that I see in our church is that there is a third of our people that are missing on Sunday mornings.  One third is absent, but then the third that was missing the Sunday before returns to take their place. 
  • I felt the Spirit’s Presence again this Sunday.  Praise the Lord! 

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