Support for any American President

I have written about supporting American Presidents before.  I have also shared with many that I was raised to love our country and support our leaders.  What is great about this country is that we can say what is on our minds.  I cherish that right. 

Those of us who are Christians, and live in America, have citizenship in Heaven and this country.  Both should be considered privileges.  I just went the CNN web site to vote on their daily poll today.  This poll asked whether or not the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at our President was an outlaw or a hero.  At the time of this post 81,347 had voted.  33,920 of these voted that this journalist was a hero.  This means that 42% of those who voted thought it was great. 

People let me just say that if these were all Americans, who were born in this country, this is ridiculous.  I believe that those who were not born here, but are Americans now legally, would not feel this way.  At least many of them would not.  Likely, they are here because they know what living under someone who really is bad feels like. 

Whether or not you agree with the wars that we are fighting, you should still support the President in a way that shows respect for the office.  President Bush stood up to terrorism and I am glad for it.  There were things that he did and did not do that I did not like.  But I stood behind him. 

Now, President Obama has the office.  There are issues that he and I are on opposite sides about.  But, trust me, if someone threw something at him in the same manner that the Iraqi journalist did, I would not consider that person a hero.  I would be upset! 

Our President is the face of this great nation.  If you, as an American citizen, are applauding such moronic actions, then you are irresponsible about who and what you give your respect to. 

If you, as a Christian, are applauding that type of disrespect to a leader that God placed over us, then you better check your spiritual pulse.  I have seen a lot of Christians endorse what happened as a great act that somebody needed to do.  Yet, ignore whether or not human life is worthy of defending.  Further, these will ignore the Bible’s stance about the act of same-sex fornication being a sin.  Evidently, once we throw these biblical issues aside, many are capable of ignoring the biblical point of view about submitting and respecting our leaders. 

I think that if you are Christian who takes part in this type of foolishness that you should be ashamed of your witness.  Where does Jesus laugh about this type of dastardly act in the Bible?  I think that is fine to disagree with policies that our Presidents have, but when we h0pe for, or are glad for, bad things that happen to them, then you have crossed a moral line as a Christian.

If you are an American that hopes for, or is glad for, bad things that happen to our Presidents, then you should try to find some level-headed ground to stand on. 

Why don’t we all support our Presidents?  Yet, still exercise the right to disagree with them intelligently.  Here is the link with the story.


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One response to “Support for any American President

  1. Cody Thomas

    Good thoughts! I was sad to hear about the disrespect he was shown by that and how many Americans were glad it happened. It’s okay to disagree with your leaders, but we are still called to respect them. Same thing goes for our troops. Personally, I’m not a pro-war person at all, but I certainly still honor and respect America’s troops. It blows my mind what people will do to troops as they walk through airports and such.

    Good post!

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