Sunday Recap

  • This Sunday I finished my series called Survey Says . . . The topic was What does the Bible say about Heaven and Hell. 
  • The Bible points out that Heaven and Hell are places where we will exist forever.  The Bible also says that we will choose one place or the other by how we live our lives and put our trust in.  We can only reach Heaven through a relationship with Jesus. 
  • We had 38 today which was good since there was a threat of a snow storm.  Yet, we are not really risking a lot to worship Christ when you consider The Church in China.  They risk it all every time they meet.  And they still meet. 
  • I cancelled the night service.  We finally got about 5 inches of snow. 
  • I received prayers, cards, and support from my church since I had to go to Indiana to do my grandmother’s funeral last Sunday.  I have a good church.  I know pastors who struggle because their congregations do not step up and love them with action.  So all that Smith Chapel did for me meant a lot to me. 
  • I used a picture of Jesus during my sermon.  It is from the 60’s I think.  It hangs in our foyer.  🙂  Wow!  He is in a black robe holding a sheep.  He is in the country too. 
  • Peace.

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