Say What?

I watched the President at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.  I don’t know how serious he will take people who are praying for him.  Nevertheless, I still I believe that it is important for Christians to pray for their leaders.  God really can persuade our President to what is right. 

Here is a a link for the White House press release.  Below the President outlined areas that The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will focus on:

  • It will be one voice among several in the administration that will look at how we support women and children, address teenage pregnancy, and reduce the need for abortion.
  • The Office will strive to support fathers who stand by their families, which involves working to get young men off the streets and into well-paying jobs, and encouraging responsible fatherhood.
  • The first problem that I have, and you knew that I must have one, is the wording of this press release.  It is tiring that our elected officials and those who are pro-choice continue to refer to abortion as a “need.”  This is what always makes me sigh and groan, “SAY WHAT?”  With all of the government programs that are available to help unwed mothers, and couples who are married, I don’t see how there is a need.  Instead, it is exactly what those in the pro-choice movement fight for, a choice. 

    What is the goal for addressing teenage pregnancy?  I can hear it now.  “Okay girls, planned parenthood would like to demonstrate to you proper procedures for protecting yourselves.  Since you obviously must know that we don’t believe that you could actually abstain from sex.”  I know that I am sounding sarcastic.  However, I am tired of how our country does not believe in our children and teens.  We insist on labeling them and telling them that they do not have any self-control.  Therefore, do what feels good since it is not wrong because you can’t help it.  In other words, the generations who were before you were just better than you.   By the way, let me throw this in, in most cases teenagers do not even have to inform their parents that they are going to have an abortion.  “SAY WHAT?”

    How are we going to teach young fathers to stand by their families?  What have they been taught for since Roe v. Wade?  I’ll tell you, they have been shown how to flee responsibility.  Yeah, a “well-paying job” will keep someone from shirking their responsibility.  Sure.  Listen, responsibility is only develop by teaching responsibility instead of how to get out of it.  This usually starts with a sober mind, and by seeing people model responsibility.  Yet, when responsibility is erased because someone doesn’t feel like fulfilling it, then most people will always take the easy rode. 

    Those of you who really are people of faith here is what we need to take away from this.  I hope this office will be able to “reduce the ‘need’ for abortion.”  I would be crazy not to hope for something.  This is why it is important that you and I are praying for President and other leaders.  Nevertheless, I want to remind you that even though abortion is legal, you and I have the responsibility to share Christ with others.  Beware of putting your hope in Jay Sekulow.  He is a good man in a good fight.  But only Christ and His Church working together and guided by The Holy Spirit able to really fight the battle. 

    We need to move from being irritated about abortion to brokenhearted about it.  Are you really praying for your President?  Say what?


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