Sunday Recap

  • We had 48 in attendance for the AM service.  This number should be better. 
  • Finished up our last installment of the Epiphany/Incarnational Living series.  Sermon title The 21st Century Church Model.  Scriptures were John 1:14, John 20:21, and John 17:14-16.  Points, influenced by Alan Hirsch and J. Michael Walters, The Church becomes the Flesh of Jesus Christ, The Church is sent to the community and world, and The Church is the Model for the community.  I closed the sermon by making the point that the American Church must quit abandoning poverty stricken communities and bloom where they are planted.  This is how we live Incarnationally to reveal Jesus Christ.
  • Sunday school was down with 33 in attendance.  I know many people think it is outdated.  Yet, I still beleive that it is likely the most important part of the Sunday worship experience.  You can find accountability, challenge, fellowship, and minister to the burdens of others in this arm of church education.  Besides, most already have Sundays marked out on their calendars.  By attending Sunday school, you do not have to mark another night out for small groups.  Either way, if you are not in Sunday school or a small group, then you are not growing in the Lord as you should be.  Both groups provide accountability.
  • We had a ReFocus meeting in place of the PM worship service.  ReFocus is designed to help our church to set the goal of being missional to our community and world.  We have been forced to look honestly at what we are doing to be “sent” to those who are lost.  I think there is a mixed bag of opinions about ReFocus at our church.  We will see how this pans out. 
  • Things I have overheard at our church lately, “Things are getting better.”  “We need to do more to help our community.”  “We need to minister to people who are hurting.”  “We need to be on mission for Christ.”  These comments are beginning to be joined by action with the words.  As a result, we are planning a hot dog dinner with music to develop a relationship with our neighbors and an open door to them.   Hopefully, this will lead into some salvations.
  • Pastor Jon did another good job with the power point presentation with my sermon.  I wish I could show you all. 
  • Our nursery is still working great and contributing a great deal to our attendance increase over the past couple of months. 
  • Our mid-week service was great!  Everything went smoothly.  We are now offering a small group for adults on Wednesday nights.  This seems to be going well.  It was a good night last Wednesday. 

We are getting ready to preach on topics voted on by our congregation this month so we will see how that goes.  First out of the gate is the differance between Wesleyans and Baptists.  Oh, boy!  Pray for us.



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2 responses to “Sunday Recap

  1. waderog

    The first difference between Baptists and Wesleyans is 400 in attendance vs. 50!

  2. Scott Uselman

    Good one! Wade, sounds about right. :0

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