Sunday Recap

  • Some might say that this was the best service that we have had this year since I was on vacation. 
  • There were 40 in attendance.  This is not bad since the roads were a little icy and the pastor was out of town.  Praise the Lord! 
  • Pastor Jon preached a great message titled Who Will Cry at Your Funeral?  Scriptures: James 2, Matthew 25, 1 John 3, and Acts 9.  Points: Our words are insufficient, our money is not enough, and our legacy will be the proof.  Key Scripture is Tabitha’s funeral. 
  • During the PM service, Pastor Jon showed a Tony Compolo video.  In this video, Compolo shared about a time when he was in Honolulu and he overheard a prostitute, named Agnes, tell another that it was to be her birthday the next day.  The other prostitute replied by saying, “So!”  “Do you want me to throw you a party?”  Long story short, Compolo gave her a party the next night.  He reminds us that we are also supposed to help restore joy into people’s lives as well as meet their needs. 
  • Our church is beginning to grab hold of the responsibility that Christ gave us to take care of others in His famous Sermon on the Mount passage.  Awesome!
  • We had a good group of young adults in service too. 

     I hope to share good news with everyone, soon, that we are helping to lead the lost to new lives.  In other words, I don’t want to just say that we had salvations, which is great to say, but I want to report that those who did not know the love of Christ have found a new hope for this life instead of simply dodging The Lake of Fire.  I want to see those who were without hope and frustrated come back to life in Christ because they realize that He wants to lead them to the type of life that they long for.  I wonder if Agnes has thought about this type of life?  Do you think that knows that there is a God who does not want her to have to live that way.  He wants to care for her.  Most who are stuck in tough situations really don’t know that Christ can deliver them.  Those who are in church really don’t realize that Christ can fix those situations too.  If we Christians really understood this then we would not be so choosy about who we share the Gospel with.  What I mean is that we put people who do not know Christ into 2 categories, those that can be saved and those who are too far gone.  This is why God asked Moses if His arm was too short once.  This is a thought for later though.


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