What a frustrating year for Dallas Cowboys’ fans.  Our team had the most pro bowl players on it.  I really thought about researching this season to say why I thought that the train came off the track.  I thought I could give some educated reason for the Dallas failure this year.  But I chose not to and am content to sit and stew over this senseless season. 

Everybody keeps asking Jerry Jones if he is going to fire Wade Philips and others.  Some say Tony Romo should be replaced.  Still, others say that Terrell Owens should be replaced.  I say that Jerry Jones made a mess of this season.  After all, he continues to delight himself by getting players who are full of themselves or can’t stay out of trouble.  Some of these players have been paid big money and simply have not produced. 

The bottom-line is that this season was a total failure by the entire team.  Jerry Jones owes the fans an apology.  I mean, what is going on?  Likely, that offensive problem is a split between Jason Garrett and Tony Romo.  Outside of that, this team was ridiculous this season. 

Somebody should write a book about the what is likely this organizations biggest let-down in the team’s history.  It could be about what not to do as a leader. 

Hats off to the Eagles.  I am rooting for them now.  McNabb has been through the ringer.  He is a good QB!  If the Eagles’ fans do not want him, I know a few teams that will take him.  I hope he wins the Super Bowl, if the Colts are out, this year and he leaves. 

Go Colts and Eagles!


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