Sunday Recap

This was the first Sunday that we were under 50 since October.  We had 45.  Again, this was with 15-18 “regulars” out.  We are gaining ground as a church.  This was our 4th Sunday of Advent.  We have been reading Scripture from the Lectionary that follows the Church calendar.  It has been good to have formal worship during this season of Advent.  It is a nice change. 

We had modern special music today.  In other words, the solo music was modern.  This was a nice change. 

My message was about Pure Faith.  It came from Luke 1:26-44.  I wanted our church to know that this passage was about a young lady who surrendered to God’s will.  So many Christians today choose to focus on their appearance as those who are Holy.  In other words, we just want to look like we are good Christians.  Yet, God wants to teach us about trust in Him.   

We Christians put a ceiling upon our growth in the Lord when simply focus on looking like good Christians.  God wants us to learn to believe in Him and His supremacy.  Not many Christians are willing to step away from the plans that they have to take part in God’s salvific will for humanity.  What a risk it was for Mary to say yes to God’s will to have the Child while only engaged.  Not many would accept that hard road that God marked out for her! 

Pure Faithdemands obedience and trust.  It is allowing ourselves to be used by God as He desires because He has been given Lordship over our lives.  I wonder how many would give up their goals to allow God to put them in a tough spot so that they would learn to live by faith in Him, and so that He could demonstrate His salvific will through them at the same time? 

Living by faith is where all gimmicks end.  It is where getting to know God starts.  All masks are taken off, and transparency is left.  Trust in God is the true hope of the soul.  Trust in God leads to salvation.

Some more truths in this passage but not all.

  • A woman is used by God to take part in God’s great salvific plan.
  • A young person throws caution into the wind and agrees to yeild her life to God. 
  • Human plans are changed so that God’s become more important and expedient.
  • God did major work outside of the Temple in an unlikely place. 
  • God did not use a rich girl to accomplish His will.
  • The Virgin Birth is affirmed.
  • A desire for God’s will to be done is seen instead of a desire for human will to be done.
  • The Deity of Christ is established along with His Humanness.
  • The Spirit’s coming on people who surrender to God’s will is seen. 
  • God is not limited in what He can do.

Let’s allow God to have His way with us as we take part in plan to save and redeem everyone and everything in the world.


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