Christian Kings and Queens

Sunday night after church and attending a recieving of friends service at local funeral home, my wife and I took our kids to a local McDonalds to get a quick bite to eat.  You cannot seem to do better than the McDonald’s dollar menu:)  It was around 9 pm.  This was important since Mickey D’s is a frequent stop for Christians after Sunday night church.  It has been since Acts 29.  That is a joke for those who are searching for that chapter of Acts.  So my wife an I thought we would be safe to go in.  Not!

First, to all the fast food employees out there  I want to thank you for a couple of things while I apologize to you for as many things that I can think of.   I am sorry that Christians have not been polite to you while you work to serve us.  I am sorry that you have to experience someone arguing over a couple of pennies.  I am sorry if you have mistakenly given the wrong sandwichto us and then got told off instead of simply saying that this is the wrong sandwich.   I am sorry for the glares that you have had to endure from us because you had to cook our food properly so that we will not get sick from food poisoning.  I am sorry that we do not put our trash in the trash can after we are done.  This is because we think that you are not busy enough while waiting on an enormous line.  I am sorry that none of us tell you thank you for working hard to serve us.  I am sorry, if there is some type of misunderstanding, that some of us want to see the manager instead of saying don’t worry about it.  I am sorry for the noise that you have to endure while some of us eat like Homer Simpson and his family.  I am sorry that some of us tell you the tea and ice should be filled even though you have served an enormous amount of peolpe who numbered more than what the tea canisters and ice machine can physically handle without being filled. 

To customers who are not Christians and have stumbled in on our Sunday night ritual, I am sorry if some of us have been unfriendly to you.  If some of us have bumped into you or your children while our kids destroy the place.  I am sorry if some of us have stared at you because of the clothes you wore, long hair for men, tatoos, or cigarettes that some of smoke privately.  I guess I am saying that I am sorry on account of those Christians who are judgmental. 

That is all I can think of for now, but I am sure there is more that we Christians should apologize for. 

Sunday night I experienced rude customers who were sitting at tables and booths even though they had been done eating for a while.  There was not a place to sit down.  I saw one family holding their food while waiting for a table to open up.  While this was going on, there were two kids sitting at a booth using abrasive language and throwing stuff at each other while yelling at the top of their lungs for 20 minutes that I know of.  Nobody made them mind, nobody made them move, even though a family stood with their food in their hands.  We were just going to change our order into a to-go order when an employee seemed to have enough and just peered out into the dining area with a look that said c’mon man!  Finally, one family gave up their spot for the family who was standing with their food.  My family got lucky too, because in the midst of the chaos there was a table with a bunch of trash left on it.  All I had to do was throw it away for the last person. 

This experience has caused me to think about what the Christian witness looks like.  How did we go from servants to kings and queens?  What would happen if we gave up our royalty decided to sweep up one Sunday night?  Don’t respond to this article saying that nobody works on the Sabbath either.  What if we gave up our royalty and treated customers and fast food employees, or other people in the field of service, with respect?  Wait a minute.  I think that is what Jesus did. 

How many of those Christians just attended a service and being a servant to others was a topic?  I bet they told the pastor “Amen!”  It is strange that we Christians are in the middle of celebrating the Advent and this season of giving, and this week in particular we are celebrating the Joy of being a witness for Jesus Christ.


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  1. Or read Cal Thomas’s editorial in the Greenville News for today, Dec. 10, or on-line. We, many Christians included, think that the speed limits only apply to other people, that we should never have to wait in line, etc. Not very servant-like, or even polite (as you say) or law-abiding.

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