Sunday Recap

We had another good service this morning.  Our choir and worship leaders did well this morning.  There was a sweetness in our service this morning. 

We put out our information rack this morning and were able to present our information and other literature in an organized way.  It looks good in our foyer.  This makes our newsletter and bulletins, which look very up to date courtesy of Pastor Jon, look snazzy.   

We had 50 in attendance this morning.  Again, if all of our people were not sick, or missing in action, we would be around 65.  This is good. 

Our nursery is still going.  Plus, we need to figure out how to minister to the children better; because we actually have a need to now!  We are going to have to put some money out to get our facility up to snuff for our kids; period.   We are slowly coming to life with younger people. 

If our attendance was around 65 every Sunday, believe it or not, we would likely have to move out to our fellowship hall or go to 2 services.  We have a small sanctuary if you have never been to our church. 

Our evening service was good too.  Not only was I able to avoid watching the Dallas Cowboys defeat by the Steelers, but we had a special speaker who came and reminded us that we Christians must continue to stand against abortion.  It is true that there other issues that should be focused on, but this is still important too.  All sin and disobedience to God needs to dealt with. 

Our speaker, Wesley Wilson of Let Her Live Ministries, talked about some of his experiences of counseling with young ladies who are pregnant and are seeking an abortion.  Some are not only brought in, and pushed to get an abortion, but are strongly influenced to by their boyfriends, parents, and grandparents!  Listen, this is unfair!  Those young girls have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives! 

While we attempt to grow our churches it is important that we do not lose sight of our call to confront sin.


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