Sunday Recap

We had another good service Sunday.  We took part in the first Sunday of Advent.  I love celebrating Christ’s birth while knowing that He will return again.

  • 51 in attendance!  However, at least 15 “regulars” out again.
  • A lot of people were sick.  There is a virus going around.  My wife was sick too.
  • We had 3 babies in our nursery!  We just started our nursery a couple of months ago!  This demonstrates that sometimes we have to get ready by faith and God will do the rest.
  • We had a younger group in Sunday school.  The ages for our class was 18-27.  There 5 people who are this age who were there.  This is part of that missing generation that we have struggled to reach.  Praise the Lord!
  • Our worship format was good.  But we are going to have to tweak it a little to fix some holes.  It was different.  We had readings from the Lectionary and songs that went with the theme of Expectation.
  • It was the last worship service that I will take part in while in my thirties. 
  • Sunday night we had singspiration with another church and some other Christians.  After this service, we had fellowship and snack food in the fellowship hall. 

Things are rolling at Smith Chapel Wesleyan


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