Sunday Recap

We had another good turnout Sunday.   We had 50 show up.  However, we were missing over 10-12 regulars.  When you are a small congregation, people missing from service has a way of deflating a good day. 

What is troubling is that we had such a good Sunday service last week and young families showed up.  The good news is that these young families want to learn about Jesus.  The bad news is that there were 67 people at our church which caused us to struggle to accomadate these people.  Plus, we found that we struggled to provide services to these young people such as kid’s ministry, kid’s Sunday school, and enough people to take care of the nursery. 

So, if you attend my church, or, if you attend another small church.  If it is possible, your pastor and church needs you.  The only way that we can provide services in a small, but growing church, is with our regular attendees.  Do not allow yourself to have the philosophy that the pastors will take care of everything.  Realize that God calls all to be involved in serving.  In a small church, everyone has to chip in and sacrifice.  Sacrifice may simply start with giving up every Sunday for God’s Kingdom.  Now, this does not mean vacations too.    

God has been sending us steady visitors.  Plus, it looks like some are hear to stay.  Praise the Lord! 

Pastor Jon has a good young adult group coming to our church too.  I am so happy. 

One of our newer Christians has been praying for God to send people to our church.  They have been coming.  Awesome!

We joined other churches at the Thanksgiving Community Service Sunday night.  This was a good experience.  It was good to mingle with other Christians and worship together.  Pastor Larry Burke of Golden Grove Wesleyan delivered a good sermon.  The choir, made up of different churches, sounded great! 

I believe that God is growing our church.  Likely, He is shaping all of us to be usable by Him for His purposes.  There is hope; we all have to hang in there and not lose sight of Jesus and His mission.


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