Sunday Recap

  • Last week was Homecoming and we had 87.  We currently run around 45 on average.  I have pointed out that although 87 was a nice number most of those who were at our church attend their own churches.  So that means almost all of those who were visitors will not be back.  However, this week we had 67 in attendance!  Now I am getting a little more excited!  Some of these may be back! 
  • Pastor Jon preached a great message about taking Christ out of Christmas.  Relax, he was not serious.  He reminded us of what we had to do to accomplish this.  First, we must ignore the historical fact that He came.  Secondly, we must ignore the fact that He is returning by continuing to live our lives thinking that we can put off living for Jesus until later.  Finally, Jon challenged us not share the Gospel with anyone; especially at this time of year when we are celebrating Advent.  Obviously, this was sarcasm and not serious instruction. 
  • Here are some nice problems to have for a change: We don’t have a big enough nursery.  We don’t have enough help for our nursery.  We fixed up a nursery by faith and now small children have actually showed up.  Thank you Lord.  Seating in our small sanctuary is tight.  Some were in our overflow rooms today.  I feel overwhelmed and incapable of solving any of these issues.  This means that if these issues are solved it will be the Lord who did it. 
  • Tonight’s service with the men dealt with the normalcy of discouragement.  God works through discouragement.  This is how He seems to mold and shape us into who He wants us to be.  Plus, we discussed that individual effort for God is disrespect for Him (Oswald Chambers).  Finally, we are to have one message as missionaries for Christ, Jesus takes away the sins of the world.  It is not about what He has done for us.  It is not about healing or finances.  Instead it is about salvation through His Sacrifice for us on the Cross (Oswald Chambers).  What message about Jesus are we sharing everyday? 
  • Our choir began to prepare for Advent.  I know, some of you are thinking that this is too late.  Yet, things are slower in a smaller church.  However, that last statement may still not be an excuse. 
  • Some of our newer people have been inviting people to come to church!  This is a huge deal. 
  • Some of our newer people have been praying for more people to come to our church!  Listen, I can’t begin to say how important those types of prayers are.  Yet, I know how happy I am when I hear someone say, “I prayed for God to send another big crowd to our church today, and He did it!”  This is how faith is built in the person who prays this.  What is more, this is ownership in the mission of the church!!!  This is grabbing hold of responsibility and gladly doing what is humanly possible so that God will do what is Super humanly possible. 
  • It seems like the Holy Spirit is at work.  Stay tuned!!  

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