Sunday Recap

This morning was our Homecoming service at Smith Chapel.  Here are some thoughts about our service today.

  • We were not organized.  My fault period.  We are simply going to have to work on structuring our worship time while allowing the Holy Spirit opportunity to work.
  • Technical difficulties too.
  • It was a good time of fellowship after the service because we were able to enjoy the company of many who had attended our church in the past. 
  • The food was great.  This is bad for me because I don’t lose weight as easy anymore. 
  • Our special singer Bobby Massengale was outstanding.
  • Our regular singers did great too. 
  • Pastor Key challenged our church to look to impact the future while being thankful for the past. 

So, what do we, as a church, take away from our Homecoming service? 

  • We had 87 people!  It is nice to see our church full. 
  • Before we get too excited it is good to be reminded what Homecoming means.  These people won’t be back period!  They attend other churches.  So while we were, and continue to be, frustrated when our regular people don’t show up every Sunday, so were the churches that these people came from to worship with us today. 
  • I fear that everyone feels as if we now can say that our year was successful because we had a decent turnout for Homecoming. 
  • Homecoming was the most that we invited people to attend our church this year.  ?????  What if we pursued lost people like we pursued those who will not come back to our church until next year? 
  • Our church can make it happen when we believe in the goal.  And, today it was Homecoming.
  • Strange that Homecoming is our number one draw. 

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