An American Christian’s thoughts about our new President’s election

I am a Conservative.  I have been since President Carter’s failure in 1979 to deal appropriately with Iran for taking our embassy over and taking our people as hostages.  My political views do not match President Elect Obama’s.  Nevertheless, here are some of my thoughts about this historic election.

  • He is my President now.  He deserves my respect and support and he has that now.  However, I reserve the right to disagree with his policies as many still do.  Again, I am an American, and President Elect Obama deserves honor and respect.
  • I know that racism still exists in this world, and sadly always will because we are in a fallen world, but America has shown the world that racism can be overcome.  I have a side opinion about this too.  I hope that Americans will see that while this country enacted laws that helped to stop much of the racism, it should be understood that many Christians have helped too.  So if you are a Christian tonight and have been frustrated because an African-American has been elected, then you better allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you that you are sinning against God and His children.  Likewise, if you are someone that thought that Christians were part of the problem with racism, I have heard this from time to time, then be advised that many of us preach against this and teach that God loves everybody.  We rejoice that American seems a little more colored blind tonight.    
  • President Elect Obama will likely be compassionate in dealing with those who struggle in poverty. 
  • Juan Williams described a picture in his mind of the Obamas and their children enjoying the White House.  I too am excited for this family to enjoy this experience.  In a couple of months, they will be our First Family.  I pray that God will keep them safe, prosper them, bless them, and shine His face upon them. 
  • Our nation is great!  I cannot imagine the amount of fear, shock, and awe, that may be going through Obama’s mind right now.  What an awesome responsibility!
  • I wish that his grandmother could have seen this day.  I too was raised by mother and grandmother.  He has a commonality with me and many other Americans.  It will be good to have someone who does seem to have a connection with those of us who have not been so privileged in life.   
  • As a Christian it is important to remember that our hope in Jesus Christ.  No matter who would have won this would not have changed.  So fear not.   
  • The Obamas appear to be a good family and will hopefully be an example to our nation about the importance of married couples staying together and mothers and fathers loving their children. 

We must pray that God will unite our nation now and bring us closer to Him, each other, and our neighbors.  God bless America.



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11 responses to “An American Christian’s thoughts about our new President’s election

  1. Yes, he’s our President-elect, and needs prayer. Bush needs prayer, too. He’s even weaker than he was before, but he may still have to make some very important decisions before January 20th.

  2. Very well said. Hopefully, you and I are not the only conservatives avoiding the sour grapes today.

  3. I appreciate your post, and your attitude towards the election of President Elect Obama. I especially appreciate your comment on racism. I invite you to comment on my recent blog post concerning the election at

  4. I hear what you are saying but I disagree with the “Deserves Honor and Respect” notion. I will give honor and respect when it is earned. Obama has done neither. The very platform he stands on is about as Un-Christian as it comes. I am not saying that we should not pray for him, but Respect and Honor….I am a little guarded with that.

    This election became a “Popularity” contest that reminded me of electing a “Prom King” and the only reason that many Americans voted for Obama was the mere fact that he is black. Americans were more concerned with histoy being made than they were with what our “FUTURE” would be. I don’t care what color our president is as long as he is leader that is influenced by Godly prinicples which Obama is certainly not.

    The only thing that Americans have done with this election is scream at the top of their lungs “Money before God”. We have let our pocketbooks and wallets dictate our lives rather than the Word of Almighty God.

    I am not going to sit around and ring my hands and worry about Obama because no matter what he does Christ is still on the throne and He is in charge.

    Will I pray for Obama?? Certainly I will!! Will I respect him??….That depends solely on him.

    Just my two cents…

  5. Those are interesting thoughts, but the Bible doesn’t tell us to honor the king when he ‘earns it’ or ‘deserves’ it. Just as Peter commanded his audience to honor Nero, who certainly didn’t deserve or earn respect. Yes, God demands incredible things of His people. He commands us to love those who hate us, not retaliate to violence done against us, and honor kings that don’t deserve it. We should respect Obama, not because he earns it, but because God has given him the presidency for God’s own Sovereign purposes. Ultimately, Obama did not win because the election became a popularity contest, he won because God Sovereignly put him in office.

    Even the world would say, “give respect to whom it is due. Respect the good kings, but don’t respect the bad ones.” It is o.k. for us to be grieved over the policty that is put forth by this next president, but it is not o.k. for us to disrespect him.

  6. Thanks Jeff for your thoughts,

    I do not think anywhere in my response that I alluded to the notion that it is OKAY for us “Disrespect” him as stated by your last comment.

    I respect the “OFFICE of the PRESIDENCY” and not necessarily the person who holds it.

    The bottom line is this…the greatest respect and honor any of us can give Obama is our prayers.

    I am not sure that I agree 100% with your interpretation of Peter. The theological scholar I am not, but your interpretation gives the impression of coming along side Obama and a “if you can’t beat’em join’em mentality. It is my understanding that Peter is telling us recognize the AUTHORITY. My disagreement with his political stances does not dishonor him nor does it disrespect him.

    I also wonder about the 2 Corinthians 6:14 that says what fellowship does darkness have with light. I can respect Obama as human being but not his ideals.

    Also I wonder if the men who were the founders of our country were adhering to your interpretation. Were the men at the Boston Tea Party “Honoring and Revering”(your words) the King. Were the French Revolutionist “Honoring and Revering” when they beheaded their king? Just some thoughts.

  7. I agree with you, in that the men of the Boston Tea Party were not honoring (in my interpretation) the Scriptures… They rebelled because against there should be “no taxation without representation”. Jesus was once asked whether people should pay a tax to Caesar… were the Jews properly represented in the Roman government? No. Should the Jews pay taxes, though they were not represented? I would have a tough time seeing how Jesus would endorse the Boston Tea Party, in many respects. I could not see Him shouting, “No taxation without representation!” Could you?

  8. Nor could I see Jesus “honoring and Respecting” Obama in the light that you have portrayed. I can however see Jesus praying for and witnessing to him.

    I also have give “some” thought to your statements about Obama being “soveriegnly” placed by God. I am not too quick to tip-toe through those tulips with you as well. I do believe in the sovereignty God but I believe God allowed us to choose. It was the vote of the people that put Obama in place. But that is another rabbit trail.

  9. See what you started Scott!!! 😉

  10. Hey Scott. It’s Liz, your favorite Skins fan. Just thought I would let you know I have a blog too. 🙂



  11. danny

    I thought we elected an American. There is nothing before or after , just an American.

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