Sunday Recap

This morning I spoke about the Lord being near to us when we are in tough situations.  Isaiah 55 is part of a prophecy that the prophet gave to Israel about finding God during their captivity in Babylon.  His formula for finding God was for His people to seek and call the Lord, forsake their wicked lives that led to their trouble to begin with, and then they will be found and God will be found.  

The good news for the Jews during this time was that even though they would be taken from their land and homes, and even though the Temple would be destroyed and left behind, God would go with them.  He would not be in Babylon to condemn during their time of distress, but He would be there to bring them hope and help them to become like Him.

God continued to call on the Jews to be Holy.  It is interesting that when God allows hard times, He also expects that while we navigate those times that we strive to become Holy; no matter situations are faced. 

I also shared a story about the time that I was in Boys Scouts and another kid wanted to fight with me.  Well, he was bigger than I was so I told him that I did not want to fight.  He told me that he did.  While telling you the outcome of that fight will not help anything, telling you the point will.  Christians, we may not want to take part in spiritual warfare and we may not want to think about it.  But, whether or not we want to fight, Satan does.  We are in a fight whether we want to admit it or not. 

Our church is in the middle of a spiritual battle.  Too many things are happening at once.  However, this means that God is working at our church.  If you attend my church, or if you attend another church, you should know that attending because it is the right thing to do on Sunday morning will not due.  You must stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Because whether or not you like it, we are in a fight together.


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