More Wal-Mart experiences

  • Wal-Mart has 22 checkouts that require a clerk.  This is not counting self-check registers.   Most of these are not manned and when there is 4 or 500 people waiting they will have 10 open.  I think I have mentioned this before but nobody at Wal-Mart has fixed it.  Why must I race people to the register and then feel bad when they get out of the store before I do? 
  • Has anyone ever noticed that people are set on entering through the exit doors of the store even when there is a mob of people coming out?  Today, I even looked up at the word exit while we were trying to get out and several were trying to get in.  Nevertheless, it did not matter.  Those people were looking down tapping their feet to hurry me out of the way. 
  • I grow tired of people driving 30 mph through the parking lot and locking up their brakes because people are trying to go acrossed the lot.  Then some of these drivers will hold thier hands up with their mouths open and glaring eyes while flooring the gas after someone is finally out of thier way.  However, it is okay when I do it. 🙂  
  • It is getting close to the holidays and now there are people volunteering for all sorts of causes.  If I don’t have any money, since we are carrying check cards now, or I am just broke, they ask me directly to give which then makes me feel like a heel when I don’t give.  First, there should be a large sign so that I can read it before I get to the volunteer.  Then I will be able to have money ready since I have had time to decide whether or not I am going to give.  This will keep people from having to plug up the entrance doors while people are digging for their money or explaining that they do not have money. 
  • I have a bluetooth.  Yet, those who talk on them in the isles, I want to say to you, “Please stop.”  You slow down to a crawl instead of a walk because you talking.  Then it is like you feel as if you are in 2 places at once.  I think you feel like you have slipped into a parallel world and nobody is around you because it is just you and the voice of the person you are talking to.   When this happens, you start hesitating because you are going down the wrong isle.  It is a stutter-stop motion.   This takes place while I am walking closely behind because you have slowed down the middle of the isle.  As you make the wrong turn into the isle that you did not intend to go into, you back up quickly and run into me.  You don’t say excuse me, but you continue on with your conversation and even laugh at the funny story your friend just told you on the phone.  Finally, you get to the place you are going and then I can walk at a normal pace to where I am going.  But then, I run into the friend you are talking to a couple of isles over.  Then the process starts all over again.  However, I reserve the right to do this very thing to you when I am talking on the phone; I think.       
  • Sometimes people come into the parking lot and go the opposite way of the arrow that is painted on the blacktop.  Please don’t look at me like I am the one who is being ridiculous because I am trying to go home and am coming out the same direction as the arrow is pointing.  Plus, please don’t cut through the parking places that are vacant just so you can ignore all of the stop points in the lot and then beat me out to the highway.  But, it is okay when I do it though.     

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  1. I am just proud that I am friends with someone who can spend as much time at Wallyworld as you do. Wow man…If I had your money…I would burn mine! 😉

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