The World’s trouble with the Church

I shared a conversation today with someone who challenged me and caused me to defend what I believe with answers that went beyond “Because the Bible says so!”  Here is what needs to be defended according to those who do not attend church and have family members who go to church.

  • Why won’t some churches allow people to serve in leadership if they have had a divorce, but will gladly receive their money and allow these people to work themselves to death?  I don’t care if you are a Bible scholar; this looks bad!  I have known people who have been damaged because of this.  If the Church is supposed to be the corporate character of Christ, then how can this happen? 
  • Why does the Church spend a great amount of time screaming and complaining about what they are against instead of doing something to help those who are lost to find Jesus?  Isn’t this simply about control?  Is control an attribute that Christ bestowed upon the Church?  Or, did He bestow love as the main attribute of the Body?
  • Why do small churches spend so much time condemning other churches and denominations?  Does this come from jealousy?  The most frustrating accusations from these churches who try to keep what little people they have scared straight is that Billy Graham is going to hell (a preacher in Phoenix has this video on youtube).  Wow!  If this is true, we are in serious trouble. 
  • Why are so many churches and ministers trying to escape from the run-down neighborhoods instead of staying to minister (serve) in them?  I listen to some church planters and get excited to dream with them.  Yet, some want to plant in the affluent areas instead of the places that are surviving on government help.  This is a whole new type of “Left Behind.” 
  • Another question in our conversation that was asked, “Why doesn’t the Church like to talk about Jesus in casual conversations?”  It does seem that we Christians try to keep our faith quiet instead of shouting about what God has done for us recently.  As a matter of fact, this person said that most of the time sermons come from the OT or Paul’s letters to the churches.  There needs to be a good balance of the Word of God in light of the Gospels people!
  • My favorite.  Why do Christians get stuck in debates over alcohol or cigarettes?  Shouldn’t God be allowed to be God by letting Him help these people to quit for their health and not eternal damnation?  Could it be that God might be more concerned with children who are starving in Africa?  Isn’t gossip more damaging to the Body of Christ than someone drinking a glass of wine?
  • My last favorite.  Why is it that those Christians that God has blessed financially give less than those who do not have much?  This trend seems to be true even in the secular world. 

Well these are some good discussion starters that should get those of us who care about the Church being Christ thinking.  If you comment and use Scripture, remember not to take special verses out of context.  🙂  And please limit yourself to what the Bible actually says about this stuff; nothing more and nothing less.


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One response to “The World’s trouble with the Church

  1. Let me try the first two:
    1) That’s a good question. One reason is that some churches interpret 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, which say that leaders should be the husband of one wife, as meaning not being divorced. (And let’s not get into women in leadership here, that’s another question.) If that’s what it means, or what you think it means, then it seems that, if you take the Bible seriously, you have to conform. I’m not sure that is what it means. It might, I suppose, mean that the leaders don’t have more than one wife at once, rather than being a prohibition against divorce.

    God says, in Malachi 2:16, that He hates divorce, and it seems obvious from the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, that divorce is seldom or ever God’s best plan for a person.

    There is a difference between letting someone participate in worship, versus letting that person be a leader. A child, or an unsaved person, can participate in worship activities, including giving, but should not lead worship. A leader should have various leadership qualifications, spiritual and others, and must set a good example.

    Some churches allow divorced persons (or former adulterers, etc.) to serve in leadership roles, provided they show evidence of repentance and reform, perhaps including restitution. This may even mean that a divorced person could be a pastor. There has been at least one pastor, perhaps more than one, in the South Carolina District of The Wesleyan Church, to my knowledge, and there have been, or may be now, others, that I don’t know about.

    2) That’s an even better question. The church should be winning others as its highest priority, and fussing about what we are against should take a back seat to Christian love, within the church, and to those without. A church that is really about being against whatever has its priorities in the wrong place.

    All that being said, real love involves reproof. If I really love someone, I will try to stop them from doing things that are not good for them, and lovingly try to guide them into doing things that are good for them.

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