Living by faith in the Lord

Here is a post from my friend Austin Porter who is planting a church by faith.  I hope that if you are reading this post that you understand what it is to live by faith.  Many Christians really don’t know what it is to live by faith; yet we say we do.  Petra sang about faith this way in Beyond Belief, “Leap of faith without a net, makes us want to hedge our bets, but waters never part ’til our feet get wet!”  Planting a church means that you have to find money to survive as a church, and for yourself. 

Austin is one that I am watching.  Why?  Because there is no savings account that is going to cover for him when money runs low.  On his blog, he talks different than others.  what I mean is that he is not letting some past experience, living by faith, to guide him and comfort him.  He is stepping into the unknown.  God called Abram to travel to an unknown land too.  Austin has a degree in religion, but, he is learning about God in the school of faith now. 

So, when he writes about tithing, I think it is worthy to take notice and listen.  I assure you that money is the one thing that he desparately needs right now.  I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that.  You see, most want to quit tithing because they think the church has not done enough for them.  Some think that the church only cares about getting money from you.  Well the church doesn’t rely on man’s money, we rely upon God.  Some get frustrated with a decision that was made, and then they send their tithe elsewhere to teach a church a lesson.  Others get stressed out over their bills, because we tend to spend more than what we need, and decide to that tithing just doesn’t fit into the family budget.    I assure you that you reveal your love and trust in the Lord through willingness to tithe.  Why?  Because we are supposed to give secretly, and not sound the bells about it. 

Another reason I wanted to direct you to his blog is because sometimes people look for a good ministry to give to; well here it is!  Again, it is good to listen to someone who we know that is living our struggles teach us about tithing.


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  1. I agree – we need to learn how to walk by faith and not by sight. Great to have friends like this around us who challenge and inspire us to more radically follow Jesus.

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