A good discussion started by Wade Rogers

I have been commenting on politics, which I try not to do very often, and the role of the Christian in the election.  I want my church, and everyone else to know that I do not endorse anyone on behalf of Smith Chapel or The Wesleyan Church.  Frankly, I am not happy with either person, or either political party. 

You can check the discussion out here.  This is one of those discussions that my grandmother used to tell me not to get into.  I am usually concerned that I have said too much, or said something inaccurate.  So I link to this with a little apprehension. 

I assure everyone that all the views in that discussion make for good debate.  None of those views are ridiculous.  However, you will see that I lean a certain way, but I am old enough to realize that I am not always right.  You decide.


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