Last Week’s News

  • Launched first night of Faithweaver kid’s ministry.  It went very well.  I was able to connect with some families.  All churches need to know that kids and teen ministry are important.  I don’t understand how we, Christians, become so churchy that we lose sight of the fact that most kids and teens are important to their parents.  This means that we have the opportunity to connect with families through those avenues.  Besides, I like kids and teens. 
  • Gas was high enough that I chose not to mow the church and the parsonage yards.  I know.  Pitiful ain’t it.  How’s this for irony?  Some churches are setting attendance records.  While we struggle to mow our property.  The good news is that we are going get past this in future.   When we do, everyone will know that the Lord has done great things among His people.   
  • Our local church leaders, and I, looked at our local church history together and saw that we need to adjust our emphasis to reach out to our community and world.  This was a great starting point. 
  • Someone, besides me, showed some of our board people that until we have do something with our sanctuary, we will not be able to get more than 48 people on a consistent basis to our Sunday morning services. 
  • I ran two laps around the Liberty High School track.  Whew!  How did this being out of shape happen?
  • I preached a sermon at Pelzer Wesleyan Church Sunday.  They have a good pastoral couple!  They also have a great bunch of people! This means that because they serve a great God, they are primed to do great things for His Kingdom!  This church gave out the New Testament on audio CD!  Everyone listen, we must be busying ourselves with seeding God’s fields with His Word.  It is the only hope for our community and world.  I was blessed this Sunday preaching in a different environment for a change.  I love preaching at our church, but a change up once in while is good. 
  • Pastor Jon preached a great sermon at our church while I was gone.  People, you should know that Pastor Jon is a gift from God to our church.  It is not surprising that he preached a good sermon because he has gifts and abilities that only God can give.  Plus, he obviously is not in ministry for the money, because we (our church) are not financially in a place where we can support him full-time.  If you attend Smith Chapel, then you should be praying that God will create this possibility at some point.   
  • Last week I realized that not only do we need to make our communities children a priority, and hire Pastor Jon full-time, but we also need to admit that we need to do something with our sanctuary at some point.  Simply put, we need room!  If you are not familiar with our church, it is not that we are experiencing a large church growth.  Instead, we are plateaued at a particular number right now; and have been for a while.  We need to expect that more people want to come to our church, but they do not have a place to sit, or park.  How are we going to fix these problems?  I don’t know.  But God knows, and He will do it. 

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