Reflections about my country

  • I remember watching Watergate with my grandmother.  She talked politics with me when I was 5 years old.  Go grandma!  What a ridiculous scandal that was. 
  • I remember some of the skirmishes at the end of the Vietnam War.  I remember feeling vulnerable to foreign powers because we thought we lost the war.  We really didn’t.  As a child that was unsettling. 
  • I remember the nightly scoreboard about how many nuclear weapons the US and the Soviets had that was reported.  It seemed that we were a thousand behind which made me think that we were losing.  Again, as a child, that was very alarming.  Plus, couple that with a religious nut babysitter, who preached the world was ready to end when my parents went bowling.    
  • I remember when our embassy was taken hostage in Iran.  This was after Vietnam.  I thought that Iran was such a small country, can’t we even beat them?  I was so angry that they took our people as a child.  I was even angrier at our President because he didn’t do anything.  Then Carter tried a rescue.  It was a disaster. 
  • I remember the hope that Ronald Reagen brought when he campaigned that he would get our people back if elected President of the US.  He gave me hope.  I didn’t have any preconceived political opinion.  I just wanted somebody to restore our nation’s confidence and protect us from the Soviet Union and countries like Iran. 
  • I remember our Marine barracks being bombed.  We got Qaddafi’s attention later.
  • I remember Grenada, we turned a corner toward national pride again.  I remember Panama, Iraq 1, and  Bosnia. 
  • People, I remember September 11th.  I watched the second plane hit the other tower after the first plane had hit.  Then the buildings came down.  There were a lot of people in those towers.  I remember the beepers sounding off in the debris that firefighters wore.  I remember the Pentagon, and Flight 93. 

I just want to restate that I am proud to be an American.  I am thankful for the sacrifice of our military men and women.  I am behind our President too.  These are my personal reflections and not my church’s.


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