Questions all churches must answer

Perry Noble gives great insight into questions each church must wrestle with; check it out. 

I usually don’t link to what Perry writes since he is popular enough that he is getting plenty of blog traffic.  However, this is a good article.  My church and others need to read through this article and reason through it in our minds and with others. 

All Christian churches, who follow Jesus Christ, are called to preach the biblical Jesus.  This is not just my job as the pastor.  God expects every member to take part in preaching Jesus to everybody around us. 

A friend of mine told me that a member at his church said that there should be a program to increase the attendance at their church.  We agreed that lifting Jesus Christ up is the program that will accomplish the attendance problem. 

I think the reason it is so difficult for churches to grow is because the Bible makes it so simple.  We are salt of the earth, we are in the royal priesthood, and we are to lift Jesus up and He will draw all men (people) to Himself.  These are the answers.   

I guess we (church) all need to hire a church consultant to tell us this.   Instead, those who get frustrated with the church are generally not following the advice of lifting Jesus up as individuals who are part of a local Body of Christ.  Here is a list of my favorite reasons why people get discouraged that I have come across after 11 years of ministry in Indiana and in South Carolina:

  1. The music is out dated
  2. There is nothing for the teens
  3. There is nothing for the kids
  4. There is nothing for young people (18-45)
  5. The building is out dated
  6. We don’t like the pews
  7. We don’t like the stage
  8. I don’t feel the Spirit
  9. I don’t get anything out the messages
  10. I don’t feel welcomed

Here are some answers, in order, to those remarks:

  1. Actually, there are many young people who expect traditional music.  Besides, our hearts should simply be prepared to worship the Lord.
  2. Is God calling you to service for teens?  May be that is why it is important to you.
  3. Is God calling you to service for kids?   Ditto.
  4. Are you wanting to serve, or be served?
  5. God will give us what we need as we grow.  The buildings that He is concerned about are humans.
  6. How did the Apostles build a church with people who sat on the ground, or stood for a couple of hours?  The blessed people sat on rocks I guess.
  7. So the stage is going to keep you from coming? 
  8. Are you focused upon yourself instead of Jesus Christ?
  9. Are the messages not affirming your desire to be your own king?
  10. Are you trying to blend in. 

These are the questions that churches are spending too much time answering.  We need to answer the questions that Perry asked.  Don’t you agree?



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2 responses to “Questions all churches must answer

  1. Scott,

    You make some excellent points. Yet, since you want to know if we should be answering Perry’s questions, I will stick to that topic. On a side note, I wonder why Perry doesn’t allow comments on his blog.

    The second question Perry takes from Romans is, “And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?” Perry is right in going on to say that we need to make sure people hear about Jesus.

    However, he ends his comment on this section by saying, “they can’t believe in Jesus until a church decides that HE is going to be their one obsession!” I have to disagree here. I don’t know if Perry thought out this statement, but this comment puts way to much emphasis on a church’s role in converting unbelievers. To say that a church has ultimate responsibility for convincing unbelievers completely removes the call of God (Romans 9:12).

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Peace to you,

    Danny Nelson

  2. Scott Uselman


    Thanks for your comment. It is a good question. I am in your camp on the side note.

    I am going to give my opinion as an answer to your question.

    Romans 9:12, “not by works but by him who calls.” I think this was the verse that you felt did not work well for Perry’s statement. Perry made the case that Jesus must be their (church) one obsession. First, I believe the Church is the Body of Christ Incarnate. So I would explain this view like this, “They, those who are lost, can’t beleive until the local Body of Christ surrenders thier lives to Christ. I say that because Paul, in Perry’s verses, was not simply talking about world missions. Instead, Paul was talking about those who already had a knowledge of God. I beleive that God chooses to work through His established Church universal to reveal Jesus Christ as Savior. The word “Convincing” seems a little strong. I prefer to think that it is the Holy Spirit who persuades people to beleive in Christ. The Church is also the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Those who are in the Church give the “ultimate” responsibility to the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to the lost. I also affirm that each person in the Church sows and waters while the Lord harvests. I embrace your verse and beleive that when the Church evangelizes, as a result of surrender to Christ, that He calls the lost through His Church. Therefore, while I am not comfortable to say that the Church has the “ultimate responsibility,” I am comfortable to say that God has the “ultimate responsibility” of persuading unbelievers while using His Church and His influence in the individual’s life. Yet, could it be that if the Church is Christ in the Flesh again that she does have shared responsibility with God?

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