Wal-Mart questions

  1. When there are several hundred people trying to check out, why are there only 4 or 5 check out lanes open?  What are the other 28 lanes for?
  2. Why do people insist on parking their cart, or buggy, in the middle of the grocery isles while there are other people who are steadily moving through those isles?
  3. Why do people grab a dairy product, or a frozen product, and then later place it somewhere in the store, like the toy isle?  Do these people realize that these things will spoil?
  4. Why do we always run into people we don’t want to see while we are at Wal-Mart?
  5. Why are people polite until they walk into Wal-Mart? 
  6. Why is the parking lot so complicated for most drivers?
  7. Why do people walk in through the exit door?  Then go out through the enter door?  Then, if you are going the right way, and them the wrong way, why do they look at you like you are doing something wrong? 
  8. Why do people congregate in a large group in the middle of those isles, and stay for 30-60 minutes?  
  9. Do the same rules, cars staying in their lane on the highways, apply when carts, or buggies, come at each other in an isle from opposite directions?  In other words, are there universal lanes that should be followed while shopping?
  10. Why are the self-check isles the slowest?  I mean it is a real job.

Do you have anymore?



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3 responses to “Wal-Mart questions

  1. Why do people with overflowing carts a lways end up in the “20 itemns or less” checkout??


  2. “Several hundred”? I don’t think so. That would be around a hundred per lane. It may seem that way, though.

    Why don’t people leave the shopping carts in the cart corral, instead of wherever? They can be a real hazard.

  3. When we were living in Pennsylvania it always bugged me that the cashiers we always carrying on a conversation(mostly complaining about their job) while I was checking out. Many times I checked out and the cashier never said one word to me. Not my total, not debit or credit, not paper or plastic, etc. Instead of a greeter, they had someone at the door to sneer at you. Hey, welcome to Wal-Mart, get your junk and leave!

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