Church growth and Wesleyan church government

Here are some talking points about small Wesleyan church and growth.

  • Does our church government hurt or help us in the area of church growth?  I mean at the local church level it seems that nothing can be done in a timely manner.  In other words, there are a lot of wills that God has to overcome; and He can and does.  Disclaimer: I like our local church government on paper. 

This is something I have been thinking about.  This does not explain the mega-churches growth up North.  However, this might explain why mega-churches are not more common in The Wesleyan Church.  

You all can take part in the discussion or ignore it.  But it is a thought.


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One response to “Church growth and Wesleyan church government

  1. Steve Johnson

    I also think that a bureauacratic emphasis rather than real leadership has hurt the WC and its churches. It seems protocol is more important than content. It also seems there is a good old boys (and girls) network. At headquarters there seems to be a tremendous lack of integrity in high places and that filters down to DS’s as well. Local pastors know they often won’t be supported if they make a courageos decision even if it may not be popular. All this has led to a survival rather than growth mentality.

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