Monday report

Yesterday’s service was good.  Jon delivered a great sermon.  Many need to be reminded how to understand the Bible as they read it. 

Our attendance for the morning service was 46.  We had 16 “regular” people out.  Here is a qoute from someone who attended our church yesterday, “Where are all of the cars?”  Others asked me where everyone was too.  This summer, our attendance would have been in the high twenties or low thirties, but thank God for the new people that we have had which has helped us to maintain our average. 

I am not really a maintainer.  Instead, I try to be a gainer.  However, it is amazing how easy it is to become a maintainer.  I don’t like it.  God is really challenging me and our church.   

Last night we attended the Growing Pastor’s dinner at SWU.  Dr. Spittal spoke on “Leadership 101.”  A couple of things that made his presentation worth hearing was that he, by the hand of God, has been able to be successful in a tough situation.  Also, he did not suggest any of the common impose my will upon others, and then invite them to leave if they don’t like it practices.  Instead, he shared about fear that is common in leadership and his presentation also demonstrated that God wins the day when we allow Him to by faith and trust.


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  1. For what it’s worth, my pastor (at United) reported the lowest attendance since he took our church. I was absent myself . . .

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