Small church pastors need to remember . . .

Here are some things that I try to remember as a small church pastor.

  • God called me to preach!  This means that I am not responsible for church growth.  It would be nice.  Yet, God causes the growth.
  • I must understand what victory looks like.  Planting seed is the result of sharing the Gospel.  Victory occurs when seeds are sown.  Victory also occurs when seeds are watered.
  • Do not worry about your ministry position.  In other words, do not try to hang onto your job; (No, I am not getting fired; I don’t think:)).  If you are asked to leave, then it is better to be asked to leave because you continually brought the Word of Life to your congregation’s ears.
  • Do not count on people.  Simply, you are called to count on Jesus.  This is the real pastoring because this is when you demonstrate God’s faithfulness because of your reliance upon Him. 
  • Take advice from others.  However, do not become consumed by what other pastors are doing.  You are called to imitate Christ; not the Pastor of Mega-Church that seems to have all of the answers.  (I struggle to keep this in mind).  It is better to get advice from others smaller, as small as, and bigger than you. 
  • Do not rely upon visitation programs to go out and get new people for the sake of bringing in people who have money.  We are used by God to save the world.  We do not look to the world to save us.  If you have been here, then you know what I mean.
  • God called you to the church you are at because He is investing you into them.  Or, He is investing them into you. 
  • Think of it as swimming.  Quit splashing water and be saved.  In other words, quit flapping around and let God take over. 

Just some thoughts to think about.


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