Serving Christ and the small church

What a good morning service!  For those of you who attend bigger churches do not think anything but praise the Lord for the total (56) because that is up 16 from last Sunday.  Frankly, God has been sending us a lot of visitors, but are “regulars” have been gone a lot.  Our Sunday morning attendance should have been  around 60 this summer.  Instead, it has been around 40; and we were blessed to get that!  I have been holding back on my blog about this issue, but I may address this later in another article. 

Here are some half-empty, half-full facts at our church right now:

  • We have 25 parking spaces in our parking lot.  We had 21 vehicles for Sunday school; this is trouble for the AM service. 
  • We have an overflow parking lot; but it is not obvious or courteous for our visitors.  Plus, our older people cannot walk from there every Sunday. 
  • Some say our sanctuary can seat 90 comfortably (????), but 50 looks very full. 

There are some big faith steps on the horizon for our small church.  First, we have to believe that there is a need.  Second, we have to be willing to let God guide the boat.  Finally, we have to plan to move forward.

A while back I mentioned that someone came to our church with a burden for our church.  Everyone listen.  Here are three ways that show how you serve the church without having to “in charge” of a ministry:  Invite, Invite, and Invite.  This person has almost packed 2 pews out since she has arrived! 

Now, if you are a “regular” who attends our church and you are reading this do not get offended.  Instead, consider what I am about to say.  Have you got a burden for the church?  In other words, do you want to see Smith Chapel as your church where you serve Christ from?  Next, do you believe in your fellow congregants and pastor?  Yeah, it’s true, if you don’t, you won’t invite.  Further, are you thankful for the facilities that God has blessed us with?  If it isn’t like the big guys, don’t you think that God can use it anyway?  Finally, how many people have you encouraged to come to Smith Chapel the last few months?  If you are not excited to come, then nobody will come with you. 

The person that I am writing about has been inviting and it is paying off for our church.  This is serving Christ and His church at its basic level.  This is how you take part in building a church.  It is that easy, get your easy button from Staples and press it, it really is that easy. 

Remember, Mark Driscoll made a great point once.  “There is enough power in the Gospel alone to build a church from nothing at all.”  May not be exact, but you get the picture. 

I thank God for our new fellow worker.


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