Things I am trying to dwell on

  • God has called me to His mission where I am.
  • God has given me everything and everyone that I need to be able to carry His mission out.
  • God has the right to decide what success will look like.
  • God needs more of my time in prayer.  If communication is important between staff at the church, then it must  be extremely important for God to communicate with His servants.
  • God wants to use me to share the Gospel in missional ways.
  • God wants to teach me.  I am not always willing to learn.
  • God is showing me that sometimes inaction pays off because it leaves Him the opportunity to work things out as He sees fit.
  • The Potter decides what the clay vessel will look like; not the vessel.
  • God is trying to communicate with me and I need to listen. 
  • I need to talk more about what He has done, will do, and can do. 
  • I must spend more enjoyable time in His Word.  This does not include sermon prep time.
  • I do not have to look, act, seem, or dress like I am cool.  God created me to be me another instrument in His hands.
  • I must be more Incarnational.  In other words, be like Christ in all situations and not just those times when it is easy.  But especially in those times when it is hard. 
  • And the big issue; I must quit worrying about what other pastors are doing and do what God knows I can do. 
  • I must be okay with His results, and trust that I will see the impact of being an instrument in His hands when He wants me to. 

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