Bi-vocational Ministry article by Pastor Mark Wilson

I recently commented on Mark Wilson’s blog.  He wrote a great blog about bi-vocational pastors.  I care about this subject since I have been bi-vo pastor for most of my ministry. 

In my comment on this blog, I talked about a lack of respect these ministers receive.  I wish that I woul have used the word appreciated instead since that was my intent. 

I have a heart for those who work multiple jobs so that they can minister to God’s people.  Many of these ministers are broken because their families, and etc. do not support them because they do not understand. 

I know that secular employment is tough too; I’ve done it.  I have also had multiple secular jobs too.  At one time my wife and I had three jobs a piece.  Also, I do not lessen the importance of what volunteer lay people do for God in the church because I have done that too. 

I definitely feel that those who are working multiple jobs, and some taking classes on top of all of that, should be acknowledged for their sacrifices.


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