Thoughts on a “Loss of case”

Mega-pastor Victoria Osteen has been vindicated.  Mrs. Brown failed to prove her story before a jury.  Here is the link to the latest article

Although Osteen paid a $3000 fine, she was found not guilty of assaulting Brown.  In my earlier post, I was not aware that the Osteens had their own witnesses; or I missed it.  The fact remains that Mrs. Osteen might wish that she would have simply cleaned the liquid off of her seat herself. 

It is troubling that Brown was allowed to pursue a case like this and that it only took the jury 2 hours to reach a verdict.  This might have taken 2 hours because they wanted to finish the donuts off that were given to them for snacks.  Just kidding. 

3 things should happen in my opinion. 

  1. Victoria Osteen should be careful of creating an opportunity for people to try to rip her off; she should be more self-controlled.  But who can accomplish this all of the time?
  2. Brown should be fired immediately!  She is an opportunist. 
  3. Brown should be made to give %10 of her worth to charity. 

I have been reminded by this case that pastors need to be careful when around people.  And Mrs. Brown needs to place her faith solely in Jesus Christ and not a minister or money.


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One response to “Thoughts on a “Loss of case”

  1. As you probably know, there are some who don’t believe that Mr. Osteen is a Christian minister at all. See here if interested.

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